GreyLine 30m 2017.Sept.21

Just was bored, trying to get WSJTx up and working right on an older PC running Debian 9. Man, it is hard to love linux more than Windows, I hate to admit, when hunting down dependecies and, well, everything else! Had to use VOX on the PC since no idea yet how to get this cable with a Prolific Chip to be 'driven' yet under linux.

Anyhow, last night, I had decided in the end to run WSPR all night, 8 hrs, on 40m because I decided it is probably a much more stable band as far as predictability goes. But tonight, as I approached late evening when I notice 30m opens up a bit, I decided to just go with 30m tonight, starting as the grey area approaches here in Israel. I started to notice after just half an hour, how the 30m band is almost trying to avoid propagating into the night; as the night approaches, the hops seem to get shallower and actually hug the darkness on the side of the Light. Very interesting, since 30m is also supposed to behave like 40m. Maybe, just maybe, when it is still warm, during the warmer months, things have to get quite cool at night before 30m opens up on the dark side?

Let us find out; it is getting cooler in the Middle East at night now; Let us see, as the night cools, if 30m re-opens and shows itself to be not so night shy after all...

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