40m by night, 17m by day, then to 30m tonight

Ran rig on 40m last night and got a nice TU in chat from K4RCG for the spot (he spotted me twice as well) on a new antenna he had just put up. I normally would not have even had seen that posted if something hadn't 'led' me to click on the chat button this morning right before switching Rig to 17m; that, in addition to the regular commenting on my blog posts, well, that makes me feel I am doing something for somebody, and I really appreciate that and feel welcomed and accepted and appreciated, TU guys. :)

Well, 40m did as I was expecting pretty much, opening here or there throughout the night, but my expectations may not be in line with reality so much to say the least... I was first licensed AA in USA in 1996, back when we still had to copy 13wpm, but then made like a silent key until just a month and a half or two months back... got my 4Z call about 2 years ago, and they granted me the equivalent of an AE even though my call in USA had long expired, just because I have a nice smile and all. :)

Had rig on 17m throughout the day today, running 30m again tonight on my second cycle starting from 14:30z until around 02:00z tomorrow morning when I am heading out to volunteer for first time at an archaeological dig at Beit She'arim (House of Gates), some place from the Mishnaic (Roman) Era... should be interesting... thinking I will set rig on 15m tomorrow by day...