My Activity

After a period, (about 20 years!) I have started operating again with renewed interest.

During the time of inactivity, I had a small stroke which made chatting verbally, which was always a problem for me, even more difficult so I was delighted on rediscovering ham radio that everything had moved on and a large part of it had become much more computer orientated which suited me because as a professional computer programmer this met my needs excellently.

As a long time user of all computers, Mac, Linux and Windows I experimented for a time with them all and finally decided on dedicating the ham operation to Linux CentOS. Installing WSPR was actually very easy and I had no problems at all. After a lifetime in electronics I was amazed that I could still solder! (and read CW lol)

So I am on quite regularly now on all bands from 80m - 2 mtrs and am amazed that WSPR/JT65 and all that does so well.

See you on the air!