Head West, 30m

I had thought it a peculiarity of my antenna, though vertical, to radiate primarily to Western Europe; I don't know if it is primarily only Western Europeans that are using WSPR on 30m in this "Old World" area, but a few days ago, I had made a blog post about how it appeared 30m was "afraid" of the approaching nightfall, concentrating more and more intensely in Western Europe as Grey Area approached... But now as I watch 4Z4TJ's results on 30m band on the map over the last several hours reveals the same exact radiation patterns as mine basically on 30m... I do not know what antenna he is using, and he is perhaps radiating ERP 1/10 what I am radiating (he may have a much more efficient antenna system than mine is, if not, we may actually be radiating about the same ERP even though my PEP is 5 Watt)... Something about 30m from Israel seems to want to radiate into Western Europe; like me, over last several hours, he has only had very few spots, maybe only one, down into Africa and maybe only one up towards central Europe, but none to the East, none to Japan or Aussie, etc. Very interesting. Thank you 4Z4TJ, I would have thought it was my antenna system.