My first reports!

And really my first real confirmed radio activity since getting my license.

I have been very interested in getting my Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR doing something for a while, but have had difficulty getting the right setup.

Using Raspbian Jessie, I finally figured out how to pipe audio from rtl_fm into wsjtx using the ALSA Loopback driver (modprobe snd-aloop) along with the new 1.8 RC3 release of WSJT-X, and lo-and-behold, my waterfall display started showing activity.

I'll admit I didn't hope for much as I just had a dinky set of VHF/UHF rabbit ears that I picked up from the grocery store (of all places) just to have something better than the little stock antenna that came with the RTL-SDR dongle.

Seeing as 10m was the band with the most activity, I left wsjtx listening all day yesterday, and when I got home I saw I reported 6 spots from W1VR between about (correction) noon and 14:30 (Eastern Time). I'm impressed nonetheless given operating indoors with a little antenna up against a window on the first floor with lots of city and tree obstructions around.

I plan to leave this running for the next couple days to see how consistent that pathway is before trying some different channels and antenna placements.

I live in a historic district so I have to be pretty discrete, but I'm thinking my weekend project should be to make some sort of outdoor antenna, even if it's my gutter!

Hope to be reporting more soon!