QRP Labs WSPR High Altitude Balloon STELLA 7 will launch today 08.00 UTC

Image icon the transmitter build in SMD132.44 KB

Hi guys,
I DL6OW starting today 31.Nov 2017 at 08.30 UTC my seventh WSPR balloon STELLA 7.
The transmitter including battery and solar-cells weights only 27g!
Its getting in the air by an party-ballon filled with hydrogene.
It will start from the german city Mülheim-Ruhr near the town Essen.
**** All informations and live tracking here: http://qrp-labs.com/flights/stella7.html ****
It also sends in JT9 and CW at 10.139.950
Rapports in JT-9 and CW are also very welcome at dl6ow@yahoo.de !!
vy 73 Dan