I got my call sign (SV1CIF) in 1993, was born in Agrinio, where he lived until 2010, Agrinio is a small city with about 100,000 people in Western Greece. About 300 km from Athens, where I live now I am active in most of the amateur bands. I really like the hobby, the radio, and this is my main hobby since March 1993 I love to collect QSL cards. Always reply 100% all cards can reply directly papers the same day. Can I use LoTW (mostly) , QRZ and eQSL

QSL policy:

All future qso's will be answered only via LOTW (on e-QSL , QRZ) I upload only my main callsign no /p /qrp etc.) or direct. Please don't send your cards via bureau, I'll not reply sri.

I QSL via LOTW. LOTW = the modern, secure and fast QSL'ing method (no IRC's & green stamps). I'll send cards however to the new entities. SWL reports are welcome via eQSL (must specify the correspondent callsign). Please, join in ARRL's LOTW and save the trees. Help me keep my shack paperless since, I collect QSO's not QSL cards! If you send your card direct please, be kind enough to include 1 green stamp (no IRC pse) and a s.a.e.

I reply 100% to all QSL cards (if you did not get an answer after a reasonable time please, drop me an e-mail).

I am active in HF - CW , PSK31-63 , SSTV, RTTY, SSB , JT65 , JT9 , SM31-63 and APRS, EchoLink.

To wake up early, there must be a reason and mine is photography itself .The image is an important and comprehensive picture of the period that captures my ofakos and that passes through a wide range of imaging applications in many fields created in me the need to photograph the landscape that slowly loses its authenticity, the monument that resists abandonment, the river loses slowly the water, but the place, the lake, the bridge, the sun, people, figures , flowers, and darkness with modern absurdity of Man destroys this beautiful than nature itself. Through the lens of my camera, trying to capture the truth in a tiny little lie many times, leaving the past to the present.
Within Etoloakarnania searches dimiourgisa and travelogue etc.

Finally, to say that I am a professional photographer, I am fond of photography I love the colors of sunrise and sunset, color and shape of lightning, I'm the one who every time I go up to the mountains to find the colors of the time that I get lost in the landscape images and beauty of creation. But not only my photo in my searches, is communication with radios, my trips and flight through texts.

I WOULD LIKE TO INFORM YOU ABOUT MY ACTIVITIES Expeditions PATMOS ISLAND IOTA EU- 001 Grid Square KM37GH . From 31 March 2016 to 15 April 2017 , from 30 April 2017 to 30 April 2018 and to .... I will be active Band: 20 m , 40 m , 12 m , 15 m , 17 m , 30 m and 10 m , all Digital Mode PSK31- 63 , RTTY , FT8 e.t.c. and SSB Mode. I will be active long hours during the day and if wish to contact you.. Patmos Island in Dodecanese Group Dodecanese also count as a separate DXCC Entity. In this my effort will be invaluable assistance of my friend Christodoylos Dioyl on hospitality, acquaintance with the beauties of the island and for the company. Grid Square: KM37GH

Expeditions CORFU IS. - LEFKAS IS. - PETALAS IS. - KASTOS IS. IOTA EU-052 and ANDROS ISLAND EU-067 . (01- March-1995-1998) I will be active Band: 20 m , 40 m , 15 m and 10 m , all Digital Mode and SSB Mode.

Thank you for your time. I wish and hope to find ourselves in some frequency and contact Many 73s

My equipment is


IC-751 ICOM , Antennna Tuner LG , Kenwood D700 , ICOM IC-2720


Vertical 40, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 m , Beam 3EL-10 - 15 - 20 m , Dipoles (10 m, 20 m , 40 m and 80m)
Diamond X510m (2m, 70 centimeters.

I am a proud member of the following associations:

Association of Radio West Greece SZ1A (since 1993) The European PSK Club, or EPC , DMC , BDM , 30m DIGITAL GROUP , ARRL (since 1995) and Greece Radio Amateur Union (since 1993)

See you on the bands or in the waterfall. 73

Vangelis (SV1CIF)