First active night on 160m NA/EU path - Dec05-2017

Good activity this night with 258 UNIQUE dx spots "across the pond" and 72 stations in the round (25NA/47EU).
This is the first really active night of the season; I heard 15 NA my best score in one night.

We are now in the best period so It's time to publish the current station score of the season from July 1st to December 5.

Best EU Rx: G8DYK (49NA), F59706(47NA), GM4OAS(36NA), G4WLC(35NA), LX1DQ(34NA), DK6UG(30NA), EA8BFK(30NA), G0KTN(27NA), G0LUJ(27NA), EA1FAQ(24NA)

Best NA Rx: N2NOM(39EU), WA9WTK(36EU), K4RCG(33EU), KK1D(32EU), K9AN(23EU), W1IR(17EU), K2OX(12EU), KC2STA1(10EU), W1FRA(10EU)

Congrats to John (G8DYK) and Carl (N2NOM)

Have good time on 160m wspr and good luck to all!
73, Patrick