Raspberry PI works great with WSJT-X

Finally got my Raspi-PI2 working a few weeks ago using the latest Raspi version of WSJT-X. Works fantastic with no issues. Setup is simply my PI2 with an RT Systems converter for rig control and a SignaLink USB for the sound card interface. Just attached a new Pi Zero Wireless with a MakerSpot USB hub in place of the PI2 and it seems to be working the same, speed and all. I am presently using an ICOM IC-703 that is dedicated for this project. I have been running 20dBm (100mW) for almost a year and today have decreased it to 10 dBm (10mW). Still are receiving spots, so that's the fun of this whole propagation evaluation system!

Irritates me when some people use excessive power in this system. Thanks again [and again] to Joe Taylor and his esteemed associates for creating and maintaining this valuable project with all of the modes.