WSPRNET no longer reports my 6 digit locator, why ?

This last week something odd happened.

WSPRNET would previously (I think this is how it works) add the last two digits on my locator square if known in it's internal database
on my transmissions. ***( I only transmit, and with a bunch of G0UPL ULtimate TX's).***

It no longer seems to be doing this.

I am in JO01MI, it now only reports JO01.

The set up here is a pair of G0UPL U2 rigs, and a U3 rig, all with their own GPS (no single point of failure) and nothing whatsoever
has been altered with then for about 4 years.

I had not altered anything in my profile grid square either, although I just tried to see if if it would make a difference
today but that didn't do anything either.

I can only conclude that WSPRNET is not able to find any records of my 5th and 6th digits for some reason ?


73 de Andy