G3ZJO Multimode MEPT + WSPR on 10.140073MHz

My Multimode MEPT on 10.140073MHz has had a new visitor tonight.
Being in the Graphical Mode Sector (10.140000 to 10.140100MHz) it normally, unless someone miss tunes in error, literally does require a visit. Simply by setting the Dial frequency to 10.1386 and the Frequency in the 10.140100 to 10.140200MHz range.
The MEPT provides a guaranteed drift fee WSPR signal every 6 minutes starting on the Hour. After XX:18 the sequence then repeats at XX:20 and XX:26 etc up to the hour.
Power output is a genuine 40mW to a 10MHz 1/2 Wave Dipole.
We know from previous Graphical Ident Mode experience that 9V1 and VK/ZL is a possibility as yet conditions have not provided the Spots.

Recent visitors include (some of them regulars) in reverse order:-

SM5HUA 1438Km, DG0OPK 845Km, DF2LV 697Km, OH4HMR 1870Km, OK1DST 1093Km, M0WQR 76Km, OH3QN 1870Km,
GI8HXY 431Km, WB3ANQ 5778Km, TF3HZ 1791Km, F6GUU 768Km, HB9CZI 840Km, G8EUX 14Km, PA1SBD 534Km,
ON6RR 386Km, IQ3AZ 1268Km, M1DPD 89Km, VE1VDM 4480Km, G6AVK 127Km, G4UCJ 51Km, G4AIU 216Km, OH5KUY 2008Km,
DL3YEL 632Km, OH6CT 2063Km, IK1HXN 1053Km, DL1HMJ 967Km, OH2XX 1819Km, OH2GQC 1769Km, OM3TBG 1415Km,
IZ1MHY 1202Km, HB9CZF 853Km, OZ5AGQ 972Km, DL1WE 814Km, OZ5AGO 972Km, W1XP 5206Km,

Thanks to all for moving the dial 73

Eddie G3ZJO