Fiq (Hz) Error WSPR 2.12

I've get error with small Fiq (Hz) frequence.
I used ZetaSDR and I/Q mode.
ZetsSDR's L.O. Freq = 10.139.910, Dial Freq = 10.138.700
Fiq (Hz) = Dial freq - L.O. freq = -1210 Hz.
WSPR 2.12 have runtime error with this Fiq (Hz), see images in attach!
I try other Fiq (Hz) numbers:
-7000 Hz Ok
-6000 Hz Ok
-5000 Hz Ok
-4000 Hz Ok
-3000 Hz Bad, error!
-2000 Hz Bad, error!
-1000 Hz Bad, error!
I try other Fiq (Hz) positive numbers:
3000 Ok
2000 Ok
1000 Ok
0 Hz Bad, error!
What can I do?

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