Season record activity on 160m NA/EU path (Jan23/2018)

Season record activity this night with 319 UNIQUE dx spots "across the pond" and 70 rx stations in the round (18NA/52EU).
Best EU Rx: GM4OAS(12NA), DK6UG(9NA), F59706(9NA), LX1DQ(9NA), DL3GAK(8NA), G8DYK(8NA), EA8BFK(7NA), G0LUJ(7NA), PA0O(7NA), SWLJO43(7NA), F4BYK(6NA), G0KTN(6NA)
Best NA Rx: W1IR(22EU), W1FRA(18EU), WD1S(16EU), K1NZ(8EU), KK1W(6EU)
Congrats to Gordon (GM4OAS) and Brian(W1IR)

Have good time on 160m wspr and good luck to all, 73, Patrick, F59706