Extracting WSPR Data and Loading Table

Found this site had an archive of historical WSPR data going back to 2008 in CSV format. Since i'm a DBA with backup skill set in BI i wanted to load all historical data into a SQL Server database.

Needed a way to automate download .zip files and found a version of wget that works on Windows.

By using SQL Server Integration Service I created a process to download the current and 23 previous months of .zip files from site, perform an extract and load the CSV data into a table.

Example Wget cmd: wget.exe -r -A "*.zip" -np http://wsprnet.org/archive -P "D:\wget\WSPRData_zip"

Used 7-Zip to extract all zip files at once like this: 7z.exe x d:\wget\WSPRData_zip\wsprnet.org\archive\*.zip -od:\wget\WSPRData_csv