my 160m WSPR Rx Challenge (NA/EU path)

I'm please to announce that tonight I heard a new NA station; AE4VJ (Brad). With this last one I reach with several months in advance my final score of the previous season on 160m wspr: 98 UNIQUE NA station heard.
But I'm not alone improving results and the season is not over. I publish the current season TOP score (Jul2017-fev2018). I note especially the position of Bob (K4RCG) who improves season after season his antenna system with obstinacy and efficiency.
Best EU rx: G8DYK(109NA), GM4OAS(108NA), F59706(98NA), EA8BFK(95 NA), G0LUJ(95 NA), LX1DQ(83 NA), PA0O(79 NA), G4WLC(68NA), DK6UG(65 NA), G0KTN(53NA)
Best NA rx: N2NOM(92EU), K4RCG(87EU), WA9WTK(70EU), W1FRA(66EU), K9AN(59 EU), AD5GH(53EU), KC2STA1(51EU), W1IR(48EU), KK1D(43EU), VE3OWV(31EU).

GL all, 73, Patrick, F59706