WSPR from the basement

Image icon KX3 sitting on 14.095.6 mHz.438.07 KB

My station is running at 1 watt or less using a KX3 and a magnetic loop antenna. The apartment is below ground level 3-4 feet. I was amazed I could actually get a signal out at 1 watt or less. Have had a few spots of my signal even at .1 watt. I am not having a lot of success hearing much though. There is a fair amount of manmade RF interference here which is not a big surprise there are overhead AC lines running all over the yard where this apartment is. I sometimes wonder that I am in a sort of "rf cage" that blocks signals.

I am getting active again on ham radio after 10+ years away chasing other things. WSPR seems to be about the only mode even halfway working for me. It is unreal but I have yet to make a normal QSO on any HF band yet. I don't even hear foreign broadcast stations. WWV I can barely hear. Maybe I never went through a sunspot minimum before? Ham radio has come and gone for me over the years... maybe I got active when the cycle was active and then sold everything when it got bad? Well, at least WSPR is working a little for me. I will keep trying.

Thanks for reading! 73s from Spokane WA
Mike AB7RU DN17gp