WSPR results so far today

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Thought I would share my result on WSPR mode today. Not hearing anything and did get one spot though on my 30 meter signal.
I attached a screen shot of what 30 meters looks like here in the apartment shack location. I am not sure what all the noise is from on the band. But like I said, nothing heard on WSPR. I did pick up a few FT8 stations earlier on 20 meters. And tried a CQ to no avail. I have yet to achieve any results of much on FT8 mode. But I am only running 1 watt into an indoor Magloop antenna. I know, I know... "get something outside!" yah... tell you what pal. YOU come here and show me how to do that. I have studied this apt from every possible angle and this thing was INTENTIONALLY designed to be the absolute worst possible setting to try anything on HF. It is so depressing and WSPR just ain't cuttin the mustard sri.

Thinking about just getting a Dstar HT and saying so long to HF I think. This is so pathetic as to be laughable and I have a hard time seeing how this is a hobby any more. It is a study in self-torture. Considering an Icom ID-51 (on sale at HRO but it ends today!) or a Kenwood TH-D74, which looks like a fantastic radio. I already have their D72 and I am really impressed with Kenwood engineering. Of all the brands of Ham equipment I have owned over my life as a ham (since 1979) Drake and Kenwood I never had issues with. I would add Elecraft to that list but I have not owned this KX3 long enough to see how reliable it is. So far it has been great! I will probably pop for the 74, just because it gives me two things I want. A way to monitor HF (basic HF receiver in addition to the KX3) and 220 which I have NEVER had a radio once on 220. So that would be cool. The ID31 is also at a terrific price at HRO today, like $230 with a mail in rebate too. So to get on Dstar that is one less expensive way to go. It seems that both of the Dstar repeaters here in Spokane are on 440 anyway. And I can pick up one of them really well in the apt on the THD72. So the little ID31 440 transceiver is a real value for sure. But... 250 more... and you get the Rolls Royce of HT's haha.

Sri, WSPR mode. Hey I am trying. Dstar could go with it I guess. I do see some consistent stations out there. Maybe... maybe WSPR is where you can meet new hams... maybe they are on Dstar or DMR then you can talk that way while WSPR is doing its thing. I dunno. I remember ham radio being fun over the years and am struggling a little to find that again. So far it is mostly one huge pita. But maybe that is just my QTH. Not sure... I hate to leave the hobby entirely it is a great service and I do have portable power so if anything were to cause interruption in services I could provide HF/VHF comms to my community. Better than nothing I guess.

73's and keep whisperin'
Mike AB7RU DN17gp