Yaesu FT-891 Set Up with USB Sound Card (G4ZLP Data-Link) for WSPR - FT891

In case it's helpful to anyone, here are the settings that I find work with my Yaesu FT-891 and a G4ZLP / ZLP Electronics Data-Link USB Sound Card. I would think that this will be much the same for other USB sound cards, such as the ZLP Mini-ProSC, ZLP Pro3 and SignaLink USB.

The main puzzle that I had was finding the correct RX and TX BFO settings. This is 1500Hz. Data Mode is OTHERS Data PTT will be DAKY and as the sound card is connected to the rear of the radio, Data In Select is REAR. Data BFO is USB (upper side band). Power as low as possible - 5 watts.

FT-891 Menu Items:
08-01 Data Mode = OTHERS
08-03 Other Disp = 1500Hz (This is the RX BFO frequency required by WSPR)
08-04 Other Shift = 1500Hz (This is the Transmit BFO frequency (Carrier Point) required by WSPR)
08-05 Data Low Cut Freq - I have this set at 100Hz but you can try other values (DSP filtering is done in WSPR software)
08-06 Data Low Cut Slope - I have this set to 18dB/Oct
08-07 Data High Cut Freq - I have this set to 2600Hz, but you can try other values. (DSP filtering is done in WSPR software)
08-08 Data Low Cut Slope - I have this set to 18dB/Oct
08-09 Data In Select - REAR
08-10 Data PTT Select = DAKY
08-11 Data Output Level = 50
08-12 Data BFO = USB
16-03 HF Power = 5 Watts
16-14 Data Data Gain = 50
16-20 Data VOX Gain = 50 (t.b.h. I'm not sure if this has any effect in my configuration, but this is my setting)
16-21 Data VOX Delay = 30ms (t.b.h. I'm not sure if this has any effect in my configuration, but this is my setting)

*Ensure that DNR and DNF (Noise Reduction and Notch Filter) on the radio are both switched off !!

I do not use CAT control with my FT-891 therefore have have NOT ticked Enable CAT in the WSPR software, but it can be done if you wish. The Data-Link USB Sound Card uses the DAKY option in menu 08-10 to activate the transmitter when sending WSPR. With the Data Output Level (menu item 08-11) and Data Data Gain input level (Menu item 16-14) set at 50 on the FT-891, the green (RX) and red (TX) level controls on the ZLP Data-Link can make any necessary fine adjustments. Mine are generally both set at about the 11 o'clock position.

Here are my Station Parameters in the WSPR program for the Yaesu FT-891 with Windows 10:

Call : M0MTJ
Grid : IO82VO
Audio In : 1 Microphone (USB Audio CODEC)
Audio Out : 4 Speakers (USB Audio CODEC)
Power dBm : 37 (i.e: 37 dBm = 5 watts; 33dBm = 2 watts; 30 dBm = 1 watt)
PTT Method : VOX (Selecting DTR also works)
PTT port : None (not applicable for VOX)

For other information and instructions, follow the user guides provided by WSPR and ZLP - links below:
WSPR Guide: https://www.physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/K1JT/WSPR_2.0_User.pdf

ZLP Data-Link USB Sound Card Guide: http://www.g4zlp.co.uk/Instructions/DigiMaster%20DataLink/DigiMaster%20D...

Yaesu FT-891 Advanced / Full Manual : http://www.yaesu.com/downloadFile.cfm?FileID=14759&FileCatID=158&FileNam...

I hope this helps with the set up of your Yaesu FT-891 for WSPR. 73, Mike. M0MTJ

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