Kenwood TS-590 Set Up for WSPR

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Kenwood TS-590 Set Up

Drivers: Firstly I installed the Kenwood virtual COM port drivers (Silicon Labs C_210x USB to URT Bridge) and the ARCP590 radio control program onto the old XP laptop - not strictly necessary for WSPR, but I thought it would be useful for other occasions.

Virtual COM port drivers download:
ARCP590 downlaod:

Once the software had been installed on to the laptop, the USB cable could then be connected between the TS-590 and the laptop. The laptop will then detect the presence of the USB sound card within the TS-590 and install the Audio Codecs automatically. These sound drivers will be needed for the WSPR program.

Sound Playback and Recording properties may also need to be checked and levels adjusted to ensure optimum performance. Simply click right on the speakers icon in the task bar, or from 'Sound' in the control panel, to access this. From the 'Playback' and 'Recording' tabs you'll see the different devices installed in the computer; in each identify the USB Audio CODEC being used for the radio, right click on it and select 'Properties'. Levels can be adjusted from here if necessary.

WSPR Program: Next, I downloaded the K1JT WSPR program from here and installed it. A shortcut was placed onto the desktop.

WSPR Program download:

Double clicking the shortcut starts the program. A console window opens followed by the GUI window. Next click on Setup --> Station Parameters and enter the appropriate station parameters - the port numbers for Audio may vary from those shown below depending upon the individual PC:

Here are my Station Parameters:

Call : M0MTJ
Grid : IO82VO
Audio In : 1 USB Audio CODEC
Audio Out : 5 USB Audio CODEC
Power dBm : 37 (i.e: 37 dBm = 5 watts; 33dBm = 2 watts; 30 dBm = 1 watt)
PTT Method : VOX
PTT port : None (not applicable for VOX)

Since I use VOX as the PTT method, I left the Enable CAT box un-ticked and all the other settings blank.

From the Kenwood TS-590s menu, go to Menu 63 and ensure that USB is selected (not ACC2). Also go to Menu 69 and ensure that VOX with Data Input is set to "On". It may also be necessary to adjust the VOX Gain Level - if so, go to Menu 71 (USB Connector) and while sending an audio signal to the transceiver, adjust the value (default 4) until the radio reliably switched to transmit each time the audio signal is sent.

PTT - I selected VOX as it was the easiest method. However the WSPR program allows other options such as CAT, RTS or DTR.

In the WSPR user interface, ensure that the Upload Spots box is ticked. This will then ensure that the program uploads any other WSPR stations that it receives to the WSPR website as 'Spots'.

While the frequency must be set in the WSPR GUI window, the program does not control the radio. Therefore the radio must be manually and accurately tuned to the correct frequency. Refer to the table below for the correct transceiver dial setting.

Ensure that the transceiver is set to USB or DATA USB.

Once everything is set up, save the Station Parameter settings from the File Menu. The program will Wait. After a while it will begin Receiving - listening for other WSPR stations. Then it will transmit for a couple of minutes, before returning to Receive.

I hope that all helps a bit! 73, Mike. M0MTJ