Database search functionality improvement

After about 3 years of requesting an improvement to the database search facility we still have no action in regards to this.

It was hoped that when extra admin people were implemented last year (I think it was) that it might have been easier for this to happen, but as yet I've not seen any change in the ability of database searches.

All we are asking for is a way to limit a search to a specific callsign set, or region. We would like to see an ability to search for say VK only stations in the Call or Reporter boxes when setting up a database query

So for example I would hope to be able to put in the Query page -
Band - 6m
Count - 500
Call - VK
Reporter - VK
In Last - Hour
Sort by - Timestamp

Currently doing this does not work.

Can we get this implemented, anyone from Administration ?

There is a forum post here requesting same.

Here are the previous times this request has been made in the Forum, beginning in 2015.
Firstly beginning of 2015 -
August 2016 -
December 2017 -