Multimode MEPT 10.140073MHz MSF Locked again

On the 16th of June I noticed some instability on my MSF time locking system on my MEPT on 10.140073MHz. I thought I sorted it but yesterday there were no Spots. I was busy and only popped in the shack to change bands etc.
A further check today revealed that whilst there was no instability there was no sync either and hence the WSPR was off on timing.

Apologies for this. It is now back on test with a slight modification, please check for Spots of the WSPR.
Reports/Captures are welcome of the Graphical modes also.
Step Morse is unique mode on the MEPT. Dashes are read as steps Above the Centre Line, Dots are steps Below C/L. Spectran or Argo make the task of it reading easier.
Step is economical on time as Dots and Dashes are the same length and no Intra Character Spaces are needed. Inter Character Spaces are indicated by returns to the Centre Line.