Australian 6m WSPR Awards - December 2018

In conjunction with the 6m WSPR Group on Facebook, we have conducted a trial run of some awards for 6m WSPR operators in Australia during November. This was quite successful.

For December a similar awards scheme will be on offer. Awards are -

December 6m WSPR Two-Way Reports Top 5 -
The top 5 Australian stations as listed on the KB9AMG database will be eligible to claim the following gift voucher values as an award for their efforts. Vouchers can be from electronics, hardware, grocery stores etc.
1st $50, 2nd $40, 3rd $40, 4th $30, 5th $30.

There is also voucher awards for the most distant TX report and RX report. The value of which is to be calculated depending upon the distance and will start at $10 and increase $10 per 1000 km covered. So for example, if the maximum confirmed distance is 3500 km, then the voucher value will be $30. If the maximum distance is 10,000 km the voucher value is $100 and so on.

For December we also have a bonus bottle of premium quality Shiraz wine donated which will go to the top station on the Two-Way reports listing.

You can see more information about the awards at
Or the 6m WSPR Group page

We should have something similar set up for 144 MHz WSPR soon too.