WSPR results for FRI-2019-01-11 (so far)

I have been watching 40 meters mostly on wspr mode. 40 can be really excellent at times. I jump to other bands once in a whole to compare. But always seem to come back to 40 meters.

Well. Until today. Until I began looking at the results on 80 meters through last night and into this morning. And I was floored at how many spots I was seeing both ways. That was until a little over an hour ago, when I stopped decoding others. And it seems to be connected to local rfi from some sources. I try and keep the sound level at 30 db as noise is all I hear. So that just jumped up to +60 db... unreal... how loud the interfering signals can be... it was so quiet through the night, but not anymore. So all I can do is transmit basically.

I am tempted to buy one of the noise cancelers, probably the Timewave ANC-4. I feel like it sure couldn't hurt. But with the noise coming and going (and seems to vary also) it seems a little pointless to try to cancel out one noise only to have another one pop up and then all you do is try to get rid of noise.

What happened to my hobby. It used to be so fun, and wasn't some arduous struggle to get things working out. But I guess the station is working. To some degree. At any given moment it may not be yielding the results I want, but that doesn't mean that suddenly there is something wrong. Sleep doesn't mean there is something wrong with being awake. I am trying to learn to accept "not working out" as rest states for systems that are (generally) working out (to some degree).

I am enjoying wspr though, it is a fascinating mode that allows you to make contacts without making any contacts.

So 80 meters is unusable now. Probably... try 40. See if the noise is splattered across all HF bands.

1724Z - Am now on 40 meters and the first station decoded was the last station I heard on 80 before condx folded.