WSPR results for SAT-2019-01-12

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I wonder if it is possible to design a wspr qso mode that allows multiple stations to handle the communications, as in this sketch?

16:55Z - I am still on 80 meters wspr at the moment. Haven't heard any stations since 1546. My signal seems to have fizzled out around 1626 with station "KPH" giving me the last reports (and multiple reports on my signal at one time stamp? What is the deal with this station it often gives me multiple spots on my signal at one time, so bizarre. Am I just imagining it? Seriously, sometimes I wonder that I can't trust what my own eyes are showing me anymore).

Who... is KPH... is what I want to know. Sounds so mysterious and wonderful to me. KPH... must be a mermaid, right Dennis? Yes. Those mermaids... a guy has to look out... for those mermaids...

and nice wspr signals from distant places.

We should go for a walk sometime, you and me. I... I feel a deeper connection somehow like... we see eye to eye.

Anytime pardner. Anytime.

I'll show you some of the coves around here.

Pretty nice, I'll bet.

yeh... pretty nice.

The old WSPR machines grew. Once everyone caught sight of what they could do for us, linking lands, building some kind of cosmic bridge, the wspr's grew. The... whisperers... they called us then. The whispering ones of other world, maybe. It did seem to fit. We all felt it. The sense of distance... of a somehow isolation. Life... became... a memory...

and the machines came. The huge, huge machines of the sky. Words came down when the wspr machines lit off. Worlds emerged and caught me in her grip. The worlds of wonder. The worlds...

Communicating heroes.

Perseus... oh Perseus... come back to me... and set this thy maiden afree please dear thee...

and Perseus heard, on an eighty meter heard, the sounds of the maidens, the sorrowing sounds of a lonely girl's cry. And a silent boyfriend, good bye. And that is all they heard of the whispering worlds... the day they landed and took us all away. The day they... came for us. Whispered many meanings into our soft, pink, jelly minds.

And that day, no man knows.


Free beer tomorrow. Wait, this is ham radio.
Free br tmrrow.

Jack Braddock. He was in charge of the wspr engines. Once those things came down, landing and floating into our homes and minds, the conquering of our fears subsided and ozzied back into that slime we call. "I give up." Not for me. No wspr will ever say "No." Or, "I can't." All radio pioneers know the value of helping a signal along. Maybe it didn't garbled over the air. Maybe there is still... enough there... a remnant of a message, the slightest touch of a woman's heart... a man's love... the messages of creatures in love. The soft songs of the lonely dove girls. The crying at midnight qso's. Please... will someone just listen to me? Please... anyone... cq wspr... cq wspr... cq wsp... please for the love of

Good thing we are trained to be able to do this. Man the machines that look. The results will always belong to those who dreamed, and never shied away... from lifting their whispers to heaven.

To you, our ancient ancestors, we bow. These great ones from whom we came. They know... understand... the value of a whispering wing. To you back there, millions upon millions of ages ago. We whisper back to you across the dust of time... and say..

Do not forget me, oh my love. Do not forget that roses and the rustling skates once adorned our past. Now? Now all that is left is a sad sweet memory, that I wish I could forget. How do you remove... those whispers. I know how to make the amateur radio ones disappear. Just wait to around five pm when all the flat screens come on in the neighborhood. Hey you want to contact alien life forms? Try to contact them, these creatures who bring down the sad, sad machines... of one ha

13th 0156 I switched down to 80 meters now. I have gotten better at swapping out the two different loops, the solid tube version for 40-10 and then the double loop of hardline to get on 80 meters. I would really like to get something going on 80 meters that is close in. I miss the old days of 80 meter rag chews... it was so fun to listen to those guys talk onto the night. What a time that was.