Equipment baseline

There have been a few threads on antennas, but I think it's important to provide more than that. An equipment baseline can give the amateur receiving the spot a lot more information about just how strong/good the propagation was, and how effective changes on their end are. There is certainly a difference in being received at low power over any distance by a person with a 100FT tower and tribander than the fellow with the 33' long wire.

At M0DUO I am using the following on WSPR:
Yaesu FT-817ND typically @500mW level
Elecraft AT1 Step attenuator
WM-2 QRP wattmeter
75 feet of Belden RG-8X coax
Buddipole trap-loaded dipole on a tripod. 16 FT when extended, 6 FT when not
My elevation is about 200FT ASL, with obstructions to the north and west
Overall gain of 2.14dBi, not counting losses in cabling and poor Q of antenna coils.

Others may argue that different information is needed, but I can always update this. However, having this lets others know what, on this end, is actually hearing them, and provides an excellent point of reference for changes/propagation

I have other rigs, antenna's, but will try to stick with this relatively simple setup when using WSPR.