WSPR results for TU-2019-03-13T02:53Z

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I have been keeping to the same schedule lately mostly 80 meters at night and I switch to 40 during the day. And occasionally I will make little forays into 30, 20 (mostly 20), and today I tried 15 meters for a while and got zero results. Then dropped down to 17 meters and I got one receive report on my signal! Hooray I was thrilled over that. I don't know where they were. I don't care where they were. I had a spot! Hooray! In my situation it is a victory let me tell you.

At this moment I am watching 80 meters and seeing pretty good activity, like 3-5 spots on other stations between my 20% transmissions (and I am always at 33 dBm, 2 W it seems). SO that is looking good for 80 meters. And you know something? I like writing here on wsprnet. I feel... peaceful here somehow. The rest of my life... not so peaceful. I like to write but everywhere else is so, of the "big society". That is why I love ham radio. I can be alone and not feel like it is wrong to be that way. And still communicate on some level.

I am telling you what... wspr... is a fantastic ham radio mode. It is a trust-builder if there ever was one. When you are starting from scratch again to build a reality to live in. After the first "try" burned to the ground, it is so difficult to see much progress toward reconciliation with the social concept we carry around. If that has collapsed, breaks down... then... you have to start over again. You could say "born again" but in some ways it is trying to be born, the first time. I have been trying... to find a trusting view about life, and finally gave up. Leaving me stranded. Didn't find too many hams reaching out either. But I wasn't active at the time either. If I had been... I might have been able to talk to someone. As it was... I had no one.

So. On to Plan B. Full time wspr ops and writing I guess. I also paint... art, not houses... landscape mostly althogh I have been doing more self portraits. Who knows I might share those here. It would be an honor to share my efforts here. Among so great a people... the Amateur Radio community of planet Earth.

Anyway. Just some notes there. I am rather weary of creating anything anymore, as I would one day love a chance to rest and enjoy life again. Or maybe for the first time. Hit the road on a Harley, packing my KX3 and singing out 73's to thee.

Weather here in Spokane, WA USA has been snowy! We got dumped on and it looks like more is on the way. Hope your weather is cooperating.

As for stations hearing me at this moment on 80 meters, I see two that I see all the time. KPH and the KA7OEI-1 station who must have incredible receive antennas. Well at least something can hear it. Maybe not a Harley. Maybe a RV or something. If Santa Claus runs year round... then... something to travel the west in. Why else would we move out here? Wasn't the entire reason to move west from Florida? To one day see this land, experience the majesty of our National Parks. And... who knows...

maybe work in a little hamming once in a while. I bet... I just bet... from a park out west... in nature... the signals sound just a little bit better than they do in town.

I tried to work the North American CQ Club Sprint this evening (5:30PM to 7:30PM) and gave up about ten or fifteen minutes into it. I heard one very faint 80 meter cw signal but that wouldn't be anything I would want to have to struggle to hear. I can think of a lot more pleasant things to do. I always loved the digital modes and later I loved SSTV it was all so cool to me. Then I strayed to RC aiplanes and that sort of killed the hamming. There were... extenuating circumstances though, so who knows why we pursue the things we do.

Thanks for being out there.
Keep on wspr'n.

(I do these paintings as a way to pass the time so I hope no one minds if I stick something on here once in a while.)