WSPR results for WED-2019-02-13T15:25Z

Okay I think I posted the date wrong in that last blog post. Not March yet. See? I could use an editor. An editor with a shredder.

So at this moment I am watching 80 meters. And the band is looking good right now. Not a lot of me hearing others, however my signal seems to be getting out, I even saw some spots of my signal from Hawaii it looks like! I saw that once before when I first got started with wspr, a HI station heard me. I was never sure if it was for real though, because sometimes wspr will garble things in the decoding process... it isn't perfect. I have received spots of my signal in gridsquares out in the middle of the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Africa... and even in the south seas... so I know that can't be... so maybe it is some flaky thing that happens in wspr. Take it with a grain of salt I guess.

Average Hearing-Me SNR (AHMS) over the last hour = 22.67
Average Hearing-Others dB (AHOD) over the last hour = 24.33

So not that different really. My station struggles a little more than most to hear anything I think. The few times I put on headphones and tune across the low bands I am appalled by how horrid the bands sound... 15 meters was like S9 grinding metal sounds over the whole band yesterday. And I probably won't even be bothering to try and listen anymore on HF with my own ears. Not until I am set up at a campsite or at least somewhere far enough away from the city electrical noise to have a chance to hear something.

So we are losing our night skies over our cities... and we are losing clean bands... what is next? The price we pay for our way of life I guess. If I was a ham radio manufacturer and wanted to create a wonderful product that would really help the community, it wouldn't be a new linear amplifier. I would create... the most incredible noise cancelling product ever made. Ties into your PC or Mac and gives you a graphical way to tune out the garbage. And with care you could eventually create custom anti-noise profiles for each band that are automatically applied when you switch to that band. And could thus tune out 99% of the noise leaving you with a perfectly clear band to work with. Imagine... what we could do by accepting our conditions, instead of running away to a better places. If we keep that up we are GIVING UP ON OUR CITIES. We can't do that. Someone should build that. I wish I could but I am more of a dreamer. But I bet you there is an engineer out there who can see what I am talking about.

MFJ and Timewave currently make the only NC's I am aware of. That could be my next ham radio investment. But I have dragged my feet going there as I have my doubts they would be effective based on everything I have read... it can be tricky getting a rcv antenna positioned at the best spot. Technically the noise has to be some kind of waveform. Which could be of any source. But it would have a characteristic wave form. So all you would have to do is identify the various sources of noise... and...

one... after... another... in series...

cancel... them... out. Giving those of us who live in urban RFI jungles... our hobby back.

I know the signals are out there. I know my gear can work. If it works on wspr (and I do get 2-way spots) then there is absolutely no reason the noise can't be eventually blocked out. All of it.

It is a wish at this point, just a wish. Or does such a product already exist? If it did we would have heard about it.

I watch the classifieds... and it isn't that often you see Noise Cancelers for sale. Once in a while I see them but not a lot. Maybe buy two or three and connect them in series with several rcv antennas pointing in different directions.

15:56Z - 80 M reception is fading now somewhat... I may switch over to 40.

I was so disappointed in the NAQCC contest yesterday. Heard nothing but noise. Maybe if I had just sat there for two hours and waited I might have lucked out. I have never once done a contest in all my 40 years as ham. Not once. Contests were the things that showed up once in a while that made it impossible for me to operate pactor, amtor, clover. But I keep wanting to give one a try. The NAQCC is a cool contest as it encourages slow speed as needed to make sure we get the contact. Which I need because I am not a CW pro by any means. But it was how I entered amateur radio as a novice, on CW. And I remember the thrill of someone actually hearing me with my HW-101. You never forget those days. One day I will get it back.


Someone. Build a new HF Noise Canceler that isn't a gamble of a purchase. Something so fantastic... urban hams will be falling over themselves to buy. Maybe could be a fun Startup fundraiser. I bet there is a way to do it. All we need is a little idea and to give it some care. I wish there was a way. Although it isn't really a bad thing to be stuck with wspr as the only thing working for HF, although you do begin to look at the money tied up in radios. There are very inexpensive ways to get into wspr I believe although I haven't explored it that much. Sotabeams has some cool wspr related products including transceivers I think. I may have to look into it. I wouldn't give up on the KX3 for something once I get some kind of plan to take it outside, but not that into blazing trails through waist deep snow in some forest where I am wondering if I could be waking up some hungry bears or wolves.

I had thought about just getting on a bus and going somewhere that is warmer and out of the way. Where is that? Bermuda? The SW somewhere... but then what? Find a campground? It has been so long since I did any kind of trips like that and I don't have a car. Maybe there is a reason to be stuck in the city then. I don't know. I can tell you what I do know though.

I know I will think twice before I try to participate in the next NAQCC sprint.

Happy wspr Wednesday.

P.S. How much would you be willing to spend on a Noise Canceler that really works 99% noise GONE? I would be willing to pay a lot, at least 500-800 or maybe even a thousand if I KNEW it would work. Spread that out across the entire amateur radio community on the Earth and you are talking some serious cash flow. Why can't we build it? I may start some drawings and keep talking about it. Basically it would just be a DSP signal analyzer that can detect individual wave forms out of the noise, until all you have left is a perfectly clean band with no local noise. Atmospheric noise can't control. It is too sporadic. But local noise ALL has some characteristic waveform. That is why it is so annoying is that it isn't sporadic. It just keeps hammering away. So tune it out... one noise source at a time until you have cleansed the air of senseless signals. Or we figure out how to communicate over the power lines, that is another option. A lot of wire there, stretching everywhere. Why not make the AC power lines our friends. Imagine a radio that has two AC plugs. One that powers the rig and another that connects to the receiver. You could tune out the AC waveform leaving a perfectly clean band. Where is that product also!