WSPR results for TH-2019-02-14T11:43Z

Okay I have been writing and sort of occasionally glancing at the wspr results. Have had it on 80 meters through the night as usual. At the moment 80 looks active. 2-3-4 spots on my signal per transmission. I am showing trending up with stns that i hear. 5 decodes between my 20% packets. So that looks good to me.

Turns out that HI hearing me was for real yesterday! That amazed me. I would never imagined it possible to have an indoor loop on 80 meters... I think it was 80. 80 or 40... to be heard at 2 watts in Hawaii! So cool. I know to most amateurs that would be a yawner. But considering the limitations of indoor stations, you begin to appreciate what you are able to achieve though it may not seem like much to most amateurs. All we ever read about are the success stories. Where is the guts and pain? What happened to our hobby? We have all turned into shiny used car salesman... "Check out this model here, she's a beauty she has a giant tower and and.. lookie here what is under the hood... 1200 watts! So... what d'ya day? Want to drive it outta here now?"

You dog gone right I do. I wish. I want one of those mobile emergency communication trucks. Something with enough horsepower to get a station through a mudslide. Giant tower on it that can crank up to about a hundred feet. Automatically deploying guy wires on fold out ledges sticking out from the truck. I can see that sucker... man I would love a setup like that. Or if not that elaborate then how about something like a decent RV not huge... but big enough to live in fairly comfortably. And travel the west. I would love that I think. Follow the RF... wherever the signals seem stronger for some reason... drive there and pitch RV and camp.

Or just backpack around. Walk the west... could be cool too. I have also given a lot of thought to bicycle touring. That would be so cool to tour the west... or anywhere. As long as you aren't having to pedal through a meter of snow. "Only... forty more miles to go..."

The stations that here me are very consistenly hearing me, but it is a short list. Seems to be more the case with 80. Some new call will stand out to me, as most are the same stns over and over... I hear more variety of stations, although it is a list. A little longer than what hears me. So it would seem to suggest that I get out better than I can hear. Which brings us back to the how to deal with the noise. Where are those studies in QST? Okay fine with all the cool new products and linears and towers. And kits to add VOX to a RPI wifi router with wires that go to other things... for crying out loud... SHOW US HOW TO SURVIVE ARRL... HELP US! NOT TO BUY MORE BUILD MORE... BUY ANTENNA FARMS... SHOW ME HOW TO DEAL WITH THE NOISE IN THE AIR... please...

what are they putting in the water in Newington? Raspberry pi eggs? They drink those and it hatches out into articles on new ways to deploy giant towers quickly. (Now watch. There will be some new or ham radio specials today on towers and how to pour cement hihi lol).

What about "holhol"? Can we say that instead? Is it written down in some rule book that we can't laughlaugh we can only hihi?

Someone. Some smart manufacturer needs to get this noise issue figured our amateur radio is going to end being a cell phone service that you have to pass an exam on how to program rpi and know C++ before you get to use the Ham phone.

FIGURE THE NOISE ISSUE OUT and you would clean up $$$ and help a lot of hams have a hope to live again happily. Because I have to tell you... this is a far cry from any concept I have ever had about amateur radio.

Unless we can fix the noise issue, HF operating will end completely for the most part except for the super wealthy. And the rest of us get to have a cell phone. Dstar is another word for "party line" is all it is. So by going there, we open up the door to a realit where cell phone companies find out there is gold in them thar party line hills, and that becomes the new communications reality. Smart groups...

for the general population. Which means that basically the things will be on all the time. More npise... more trash in the air... we are giving up on the hobby unless the noise thing can be solved.

One company that appears to be trying to do something about it is DX engineering. They have some sort of more advanced Noise Canceler that must be good because it is expensive Like... $750. Woah it better be good. But it gets some positive review, (but so do the MFJ and Timewave cancelers).

Someone on the Elecraft mailing list was trying to compile a library of known noise polluters. Plasma TV's, noisy switching PS, whatever. Powerline noise I guess is just a 60 cycle sine wave so you would think it would be fairly easy to just notch out that frequency. Anything anywhere near 60 cycles per second is blocked along with all significant harmonics. So then you are left with the device noise. But those could be identified in software.

What I see so often isn't any kind of signal. It isn't like TV manufacturers or switching power suppl manufacturers are trying to build transmitters in their products, in the hopes of making a TV to TV qso. The noise is just a lot of harmonic garbage being generated across all bands, and apparently it is too much trouble or expense for the manufacturer to correct. And the UL or FCC apparently doesn't deem it a big deal either (which surprises me, the FCC should be the bird dogs sniffing out noise in products)/

Or just live with it. Accept it as the "new normal" which then would suggest that modes like wspr are it. That is it. Don't even bother trying other modes, won't work. The signals just aren't there. In urban crowded condx the signals are buried in an ocean of noise that is overwhelming everything except wspr mode.)

So ironic.

Here we are, licensed by the FCC for a PURPOSE.

To HELP OUR COMMUNITIES in case of civil emergencies. And where are we all?

Camping out... SOTA... having fun...

and abandoning the very towns we are supposed to be prepared to help as amateur radio operators.

Has... anyone.. even... read... the purpose of ham radio in part 97? Anyone?

ยง97.1 Basis and purpose.
The rules and regulations in this part are designed to provide an amateur radio service having a fundamental purpose as expressed in the following principles:

(a) Recognition and enhancement of the value of the amateur service to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communication service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications.

(b) Continuation and extension of the amateur's proven ability to contribute to the advancement of the radio art.

(c) Encouragement and improvement of the amateur service through rules which provide for advancing skills in both the communication and technical phases of the art.

(d) Expansion of the existing reservoir within the amateur radio service of trained operators, technicians, and electronics experts.

(e) Continuation and extension of the amateur's unique ability to enhance international goodwill.

... did you see that? THE VERY FIRST THING... TO THE PUBLIC... TO THE PUBLIC...

Not to the mountaintop. The mountaintop is going to be fine without us. It is our towns who need us. Our communities where it is noisy and many amateurs stuck in apartments feeling abandoned by our own.

Whatever makes me want to go back to RC flying. At least then I knew it was all for fun. With ham radio I am never sure if is fun. If I knew I served a purpose for my community that would go a long way to providing a sense of purpose to it. But this... spending money on equipment and... then what? Trucks to get to the mountains? This is crazy. Who... is... in.. .charge.. of the amateur radio directions? We seem lost to me.

Okay back to watching the wspr results lol-hi. 80 meters is still holding up.

We had better figure out how to get messages across in wspr mode.

Sometimes... just... one word... is all we need to hear...
are they okay... are they all okay in that area where those disasters struck? My family is there or someone I care about... comms are down... please... can you just get one word from them...

And the ham, after hours... waiting... finally one word gets through... the answer that is going to help.


Hey thanks for reading if you do. They are just my opinions and they are lot like those other things, we all have on. :)
I may have to look into the DXE Noise canceler just as a way of saying "thank you" for at least trying to battle this monster.

We live in a different world now folks. It is time to start thinking more about our towns than our awards.
Part 97.
First purpose.

I can get so preachy, sri. Not my intention, but I have a lot of preachin' in my past so it comes natural. I should probably just look into joining RACES or whatever the hams have going to answer the Part 97 A guidelines. I have thought about it. What if comms failed and the whole town has no way to communicate with anyone anymore except by mail or smoke signals. If you had a radio then, that could ...hopefully with the help of the new wspr-2 mode that allows for one word to be transmitted... and many hams latched right on to it... LOVE... PEACE... PATIENCE... STRAWBERRIES... GOZAGS... suddenly we could legally broadcast.