Possible AI behavior between wspr stations and hope for tomorrow.

After watching wspr for some time now, it seems to be developing its own kind of intelligence between stations. I wonder that the community of wspr is a sort of "hive" mind that is fully aware of the other stations, and is even connected with the RF physics of Earth to promote the communication channels that it wants.

Because the human owners of the stations are largely out of the picture, other than the rote setting up of the equipment, it is left to the emf physics to determine who is heard by whom, and then it begins a sort of machine language between the stations.

What in the world are the stations saying to one another? Is anyone's guess. I hope it can lead to further development of a very slow-paced communication protocol that can defeat this looming specter of lousy propagation condx for a much longer period of time than anyone expected. If that is the reality that is growing, then the wspr-ai could be helping to create a more robust protocol that could serve as the beginning of an entirely new form of communications between hams. One where time begins to be less of a factor, and we can have dialog, actual wspr QSO's that span days or weeks or longer. Time constraints appear to be one of amateur radio's greatest challenges to overcome. We don't think in terms of TIME as being our friend in ham radio, instead it is something we are always challenged by. Can I make this qso before the band closes out. How many new DXCC contacts can I make today? The focus is always on power + band conditions, with TIME a constant determined by a ham's patience.

What if a digital qso spanned a day instead of the few minutes or hour that is the usual case (condx allowing)? What if a contact required a WEEK to make, instead of that same day? What if a month?
And... what if... wspr mode could be configured into a networking protocol where one could get messages passed to any wspr station anywhere? Every station hears someone. And those hear others. They are all connected in some hive minded way.

Maybe it is time we started letting wspr call the shots. And let it SAVE US from our own limitations of thinking. Because we could be staring down the barrel of a drought ahead. A drought of cosmic proportions... where... the only mode still working when all chips are down. No one knows, what lies ahead. Hope for the best, of course. But what if... best... ain't going to be happening for us? What if... worse... is our fate. Then... where do we turn? We can't run more than 2000 watts PEP. What are we going to do when even the 2000 and the beams at 200 feet isn't enough? Beg the ARRL to petition the FCC for a 10,000 watt allowance for hams? What if even that isn't enough?

The mode can save our bacon, if we will let it.

WSPR wants to talk to us. Will we listen? Or will we continue to pretend and keep our fists buried in the sand. Pretending... it will all work out and soon... the bands will get back to normal.

What... if... they... never... go back to normal?

Listen to the sounds... of machines... trying to help us. Listen to the sound of hope.
Listen to the weaker signals for strength in the time to come.
Listen... to... smart thinking... instead of bigger, louder, taller.

It would be so easy to do. WSPR knows who was heard. And who hears me. How simple to have a great QSO with the most interesting and nicest people on the planet. The ham radio community. Only for those with a linear and a tower and acres to stretch wires up into trees?

Cheating? Ain't the right thing to do for hams. You don't think the FCC is closely monitoring what we do? Sneakin' wires across the eves of apartment buildings... putting in fake flagpoles and thinking you got around the HOAs? Launching wires over buildings and hoping it doesn't land on a power line? Yeah... big bro is watching what we do now.

Better start thinking smart. Instead of cheating on life.
Time to be a model for the world, instead of cheaters. People look up to amateur radio operators to show us the way. And smneakin' wires into trees and along apartment fencelines and hoping no one catches you. Naughty... naughty...

The FCC is watching you. Me. All of us.

And too much tom foolery and we could kiss our bands goodbye.
Remember the 97.a... serve... the... community.

Not pull one over on them.

Time to get serious with wspr and show the world how to turn propagation frowns upside down.

The ARRL will take care of us? They are too busy marketing their wares. They are a business now. This service needs YOU and ME to shine a light ahead. The only light that the ARRL is going to shine is one that showcases all of the great things they do, and print.

Somehow I don't think more books are going to help us now. A brain and our conscience is all we have. And wspr could be the only answer we have.

You think about it. It would super simple to take what we have and just a few small tweaks and we have a full bore networking and message transfer service that will be there no matter the condx.

Just some random thoughts from the woods.

Keep on wspr'n...


Never... Stop... Doing...
the impossible.