WSPR results for WED-2019-02-2010:07Z

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Watching 80 meters at 2AM local time here. Not a lot of spots on others, but it is mostly consistent. A short list of the same stations repeating. I am getting the usual stations seeing me, but these must be set up with very good rcv antennas. But I will take whatever I can get.

Getting back to the "intelligence" within the results, I think there are always messages embedded in life on any level. We usually don't think about it, but there are messages to everything if we want to listen. I probably listen too much in that direction. Communicating with others has never been my strong suit, which is why I ended up in ham radio and looking for messages - not from other people, as much as from life in general. Then of course, you get misunderstood, people think of you as a nut. Then you get to deal with that too. But I can't help who I am, we are all a product of our past. If you had my past, you would be doing the same exact thing.

I am thinking about getting into satellites, that is something I have never tried. Not sure I want to be standing outside when its freezing to get a contact but if you want it bad enough I guess you do anything. A "true" ham radio person would face any and all elements, I suppose. Although the "elements" can sometimes be in your own head, more than the weather. Hopefully one day I will be set free of both of them.

You can "read" meaning into a station's call. I see KPH all the time, down off the northern Ca coast. To me, a "K" represents themes related to isolation, P relates to a repeating relating effort, and H relates to the unknown. So, KPH could be interpreted as saying "Isolated, repeating relating efforts of a repeatedly unknown nature." So, a wspr station off to itself somewhere that is repeating its signal but you aren't really certain who or what the station is, but it seems to want to communicate to you (broadcasting), would seem to apply here. It is just a fun little exploration of words and themes. When you are sitting around staring at the walls and wondering about life, stuff like that becomes a way to pass the time. How "intelligent" it is, is in the eye of the beholder (or listener).

I have never run into too many hams who would ever talk about such things. We seem fixated on equipment and achievements related to equipment and technology, and public service. It becomes problematic when your "public" has become a somewhat remote facet of life in some way. Not fitting in for some reason, I tend to stay holed up and avoid others mostly (apart from amateur radio efforts within the ham community itself). Public service is something you do when they ask, or when there are civil emergencies. Then all of a sudden, you are a part of the social world again.

Not easy to talk about the psychology of amateur radio. Most hams I doubt would ever go there, not when there are countless technological aspects to talk about. Those areas of the mind, and beliefs and views, are kept silent, secret from others. We live lonely and isolated lives sometimes, and pretend all is well. A radio setting here that squawks out words/cw/digi modes once in a while is probably about as close to a meaningful conversation as will ever be had. The world of human beings can be a scary place sometimes. And can take forever to restore some kind of healthy social life. I have mostly given up trying, apart from hamming (if you can call wspr efforts and the occasion brief contact on Dstar hamming). Anyway. My pov is just as valid as anyone's. So is yours. If there were real ai communications going on between machines, I hope they are trying to be friendly.

I keep looking for a place to write, even when it doesn't seem that welcome. Being yourself is often frowned upon in this day and age, and I am not that sure that amateur radio is the realm to try that in.

But then, I wasn't the one who built in a blog engine on, either.