WSPR Heatmap combined with PSKREPORTER and DXCLUSTER

Hi Folks,

I was thinking about a new way of displaying data from several sources which is easy to use as well. Therefore I created the DJ2LS RFMap, which combines the data of WSPR, DXCLUSTER and PSKREPORTER on one map.

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Actually there are nearly one million spots in the database for the last 24 hours which will be refreshed every 5 minutes.

Its the first public test and I don't know if the server can handle the requests. Lets see what happens....

I don't want to display all parameters which are available from the data sources to keep the user interface simple. It may not be representative to combine digital spots with voice spots and actually I disabled the feature to display the signal strength, but my current goal is to provide a "realtime short view" of the bands. If you need more detailed data please check the following data sources.

The datasources are:

Please keep in mind, that this software is for free and will be maintained in my free time. Errors, typos, failures could be possible. If you find some or just want to give feedback, just write me an email and I will try to fix it.

73 de Simon, DJ2LS