First of all, I want to apologize for not being able to put in the time to keep up with the various administration tasks to keep this a first-class site. As you all probably know, the spam bots found the site a few weeks ago and posted hundreds of bogus messages to the forum, and one was even posting on the chat room.

I cleaned that up today, and I also changed the site to only allow new accounts after administrator approval. This may lengthen the time to register and be active on the site by a bit, but it lets us get the bogus registrations back under control.

Second, I would like to welcome Stu (N6TTO) and Trevor (G0KTN) as additional administrators of the site. It was clear that I wasn't keeping up with things, and now that users will wait for admin approval, it's important that we be more responsive! They each have the ability to post/edit/delete content if there are further inappropriate postings or block bogus users.

Trevor will be keeping the Special Activity block up-to-update, and Stu has also volunteered to help with further development of site features / database / etc. I welcome their help, and we all look forward to taking WSPRnet forward!