Newbie WSPR'er

Have just used WSPR for the first time. And am quite amazed on the first night of reporting.

Using Just 1Watt I received a report from VK, wow!

I can see this as a great tool for seeing how my signals propogate on the various bands on the Doublet antenna I am using.
The Doublet is about 102ft Long 30ft up at the apex and has the last couple of metres of one leg drooping down to fit it in the garden/backyard.

I would like to see how the reports look when overlaid on an EZNEC modelled antenna to see if the signals coincide with the main lobes of the antenna.

I have also just put up a full size vertical polarised delta for 40mtrs. So it will be good to compare this against the Doublet. But first I need to gather sufficient reporting data on the Doublet.


The WSPR reporting at this station will mainly be on in the evenings. Fitted in between QRP CW operating.