July 16th, 2009: 1st steps with WSPR...

Vacation time - radio time, right ?
The very same day my summer vacation started, which I usually spend at the summer/ weekend QTH, 30 km SE Stockholm, I started to check out this "WSPR thing".
A friend of mine, SM0IKR Goran, had been whispering about this incredible, impressive digital mode.
I´ve been into some digital modes already, but I had heard Gorans voice in my head, for the last weeks, over and over again: "...running just a watt or two... ...contact with VK... .working the world..."
So, now I had time, so let´s check it out.

And now I´m stuck.

The software is really impressive, not talking about the result itself. Until now, I´ve roughly two days of experience of WSPR.
Amazing mode.
The rig here at the summer/weekend QTH is a FT-897, and a number of wireantennas hanging around in the pine trees.
The house is in a forest area in the archipelago of Stockholm, so antenna support is directly available.
With the pine trees surrounding the house, some vertical 1/4 wireantennas have seen the light, and today, I got a new 7 MHz 1/4 wave wire vertical with two radials up in the sky.
The 10 MHz antenna is also a vertical 1/4 wave with two radials.

The last two days have shown on some good propagation to BY3A/KL1X, JQ2WDO, VK4QC and T61AA during daytime, mostly on 18, but also on 10 MHz.

Considering the simple antennas used, the influence from the Baltic sea, just 300 meters (900 feet) away, have to be taken into account.
However, this need some further evaluation, over a longer time period.
But, it´s vacation time... :-)