Azimuth Calculations Looking Strange

80 metres SAD overnight was good - several European stations, one at 0.1 watts.

The azimuth provided on the database for the European stations looks odd to me.

the map shows Short Path (which should be the default I guess), however the database show different.

for example:
Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az
22:40 G3WPD 3.594072 -24 0 IO91qq 10 VK6POP OF88bd 14525 92

Short path to G3 is about 313 Deg, Long path 133 deg.
All my spots in Europe from last night are shown this way - sort of long path but approx 45 degrees off.
My spots to ZL show short path.

The one time I was spotted in the EU region was from EI7GLwith azimuth of 314 degrees. Thats the correct SP bearing.