Portable in F land

In the last few weeks I have operated from some places in France using my call and giving the QRA Locator of the spot.
So no I haven't lost my marbles and been giving wrong Locs.
Unfortunately WSPR does not send the full Locator or accept F/G3ZJO so often it appears that I did not move.

Some recent comments have been made regarding false info, I tend to agree that the whole system could be improved, as it is being slowly. At least reports of spots into the future are no longer accepted.

For reference operation was from.

June - Normandy JN091a

July 30 - Montgibaud JN05uu 350m ASL

July 31 - Davignac JN15am 800m ASL and August 1 AM

August 4 - Chastriex JN15im 1065m ASL and August 5 AM

The latter location had a super quiet noise level apart from on the hour when the church bell/clock, obviously solenoid operated, gave an S9 pulse of QRM for each clang of the bell.


August 12 - Nonville near Paris IN18jh 75m ASL and August 13 AM