Trials and tribulations of starting up a WSPR station (Part 3)

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I now have my WSPR transmitter working. I have had several requests for the schematics so I have included them. My output power is 1/4W but I suspect if you ran a higher gain output transistor with a better output matching network, you should get at least 1/2W and possibly more. Since the two stages of the PA are the same, you could also add a third with a lower value emitter resistor and get more power. Be careful though to use a higher rated output transistor. The 2N2222A that I use won't deliver much more without blowing up. I use mine with natural air convection and I do not use a heat sink but I think I should. I just don't have one.

If you have any questions on this, please don't hesitate to ask. Good luck,

Remove the _.txt from the filename and you can get all the remaining information to complete this magnificant product.