F6EPY's Yellow Cruise 2008: WSPR QSO mode from JT land

Starting from july 27th, I will be travelling with a group from the astronomy club of Orsay (France) from Ulaan-Baatar to the Altaï mountains to watch the total solar eclipse of august 1st, 2008.


I should be QRV from JT land during the trip through the Gobi desert and from the eclipse camp with the following callsign:

JT1EPY Ulaanbaatar
JT1EPY/6 Uvur-Hangai province
JT1EPY/8 Gobi-Altai province
JT1EPY/0 Khovd province

(Thank you again to Khos JT1CD, Secretary of the MARS)

I am planning to operate QRPP with a FT-817ND on battery (1 watt) and a buddistick antenna, using the WSPR QSO mode with an Asus EEE PC. Many thanks to Joe K1JT for making this available so timely !

The operating window will be 16 -> 17H UTC on 14 Mhz ( 14076.0 USB) and 17 -> 18H UTC on 10 Mhz (10139.0 USB).

Thanks for advices on a better frequency strategy.

Watch for regular updates on the above blog link.

73's de Dominique F6EPY