The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Yesterday (12th October 2016) I ran WSPR-2 for around 10 hours using my external homebrew inverted V dipole cut for 40m with the apex up at around 25ft (I know - not perfect!). Locator is IO71, IC-7100 and 5 watts. Mostly during daylight hours and around 3 hours during dark. Received some nice reports including a couple of VK's, a HS and a number of mid US stations which popped up as the sun went down.

ANT = MFJ 20m ham stick dipole / at 15 ft / lQQking EW

Let me start by saying that I really enjoy monitoring the High Altitude Balloon's that are involved with WSPR. Due to the way S series balloon telemetry is transmitted on WSPR,(using the grid locator portion for other telemetry), the spots end up in random locations all over the map.In the past,this has just added some clutter to the map and could be overlooked,now with WSPR op's monitoring the WSPR Challenge, these spots skew the distance reported stats in a big way.
We are a propagation reporting network and, seems to me, we should try to be as accurate as possible.

40 Meters

1226 -29 -2.2 7.040154 0 P60NCA QF87 7 10685

Seems rather too good to be true ?

Any comments ??


Here is my presentation about WSPR:

Surprise to hear John W1TAG as WE3XGR/3 (part5 license)on 630m.
2016-09-22 03:54 WE2XGR/3 0.475675 -28 0 FN43sv 1 F59706 JN07th 5416 59
I plan to spend more time on MF to log part5 calls as probably a new RX Challenge...
I cross my fingers !!!

GL all, 73, Patrick

I have just posted a new design on my blog.
It might interest the techies out there.
73 to all
Derwyn. ZL4SAE ex GW4SAE

Will be going receive-only for 2+ weeks while I work on things....

Today i had a ham test session at my home everyone who took the test passed right now I am known as KB1PYU (ag) congratulations to bill KC1GFT

Band Hopping 40, 30, & 20m. I wish I had some more flexibility in my antenna setup. 80m just won't tune

Simply plugged my little WSPR tx in and sat back to see what happened. Was over the moon to be heard over 13000 km away using less than 1 watt. Seems to be working very well so far.

2016-09-14 18:52 G7WIR 14.097057 -16 -3 JO01 0.2 DP0GVN IB59uh 13604 184

Hoping to have all HF bands from 20m - 10m on air soon along with the odd bit of 6m.

73 de Martin G7WIR

DP0GVN, Neumayer Station, on Ekstroem Ice Shelf in Antarctica just picked up my 2 watt WSPR signals on 20 meters (at -22 dB SNR)... Wow! That is amazing... A distance of 14,785 kilometers from Helsinki, Finland, with just 2 watts...

But then again I picked up a station in the Republic of South Africa on 15 meters two days ago, and it was transmitting with just 200 milliwatts.

New active dx night (Sept12) on 160m with 348 dx spots "across the pond", 68% after 04:00z.
38 stations in the session.
10 NA stations heard in EU: AA3GZ K9AN K9PAW KD5DFL K9YWO KK1D W1FRA W8AC W8OZZ WD1S
Best Rx stn: W1FRA(12EU) F59706(9NA) G8DYK(8NA) PA1RZ(8NA) EA1FAQ(7NA) WD1S(7EU) G8LCO(6NA) ON7KO(6NA) G3JKV(5NA)
Current 160m dx level is at least two months in advance…..
GL all, 73, Patrick

Nice surprise 1 hour before my sunrise:
2016-09-11 04:08 ZS4TX 1.838078 -28 0 KG30au 100 F59706 JN07th 8847 343
Last time I heard a ZS stn on 160 wspr was Aug30-2013 with ZS1LS…..

ZS4TX had been heard in EU, today Sept11, by G8DYK, DH5RAE, G8LCO, F59706, yesterday Sept10 by G8DYK
In NA, today, by K9AN, W8AC, WA0JYF and yesterday by WD1S, W8AC.
73, GL all, Patrick, F59706

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