The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Since adding this homebrew elliptical MW bandstop filter to eliminate nearby AM Broadcast overload, I am now able to upload 630m WSPR spots received on my Flex-1500. The filter does not affect its regular HF operation on 80m and above. The antenna is a 40m Loop SkyWire fed with 300 ohm Ladder Line.

I'm wondering why my location is showing me in the pacific ocean.

The past two months or so DJ0HO/MM has been making spots from the area around the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands. It surprises me that almost no information can be found on DJ0HO, that no information about the DJ0HO/MM operations came out in the WSPR community, and that as far as I know nobody did any inquiries as to the background of the Maritime Mobile station. I did some research and I have good reasons to believe DJ0HO/MM is located onboard of the German research vessel RV Polarstern.

Due to the limited frequency range to 4 meters in Germany (70,150 - 70,180), WSPR broadcasts will take place until the end of August 2018 at 70,151 MHz. 73! Klaus DK6AO/DK0LOW

I built a temporary spiral loop, for 40m. I am working out the bugs with finding the correct tuning capacitor for this design. building from design by N4SPP. Have two unknown value air variable capacitors, neither would tune 40m by themselves(too high pf value) currently in series and now in range.

Thought I would share my result on WSPR mode today. Not hearing anything and did get one spot though on my 30 meter signal.

Today I did a WSPR monitoring session on 20m. I noticed that a lot of European stations were hearing HZ1SK. I did not. Then I noticed that there was a strong signal in WSPR 2.0 on the same particular frequency that just everytime did not result in a decode. The frequency was close to the one in use by HZ1SK. Then I started WSJT-X to see if maybe this program would produce a decode. It did, and it indeed was HZ1SK, which now in WSJT-X was decoded every time. I ran both WSPR 2.0 and WSJT-X simultaneously and again WSPR 2.0 failed to decode. Why?

It seems odd to me that I would only be hearing from one rather small geographic region on 40 meters WSPR. You can see on the screen shot of the WSPRnet map that I have only picked up stns from SF area of CA (several stns repeatedly over about 1.5 hours so far). I am running a mag loop antenna from indoors... in the kitchen which has a due south facing wall.

no internet connection at this time, but received on 630m last night:

2050 -31 0.1 0.475614 0 9A3KB JN64 27 8436

73, Pascal

My station is running at 1 watt or less using a KX3 and a magnetic loop antenna. The apartment is below ground level 3-4 feet. I was amazed I could actually get a signal out at 1 watt or less. Have had a few spots of my signal even at .1 watt. I am not having a lot of success hearing much though. There is a fair amount of manmade RF interference here which is not a big surprise there are overhead AC lines running all over the yard where this apartment is. I sometimes wonder that I am in a sort of "rf cage" that blocks signals.

I have but my dipole up again after trying an end fed long wire with tuned counterpoise. I am running wspr to see how well this antenna works at this location. will later try building a magnetic loop, I like the idea of having an effective antenna for my small lot.

Using WSPR to make contacts as we sail on our humanitarian mission - Pacific Partnership 2018 - has been both fun and challenging! Finding the right bands at the right power at the right times of day and night produces way different results. I have been able to tune our system to almost NO power and we are still reaching every continent on the planet. I hope everyone continues to upload their spots and make contacts as it is exciting to see how we can make this radio technology work! 73's!!!

Will transmit today for the first time on 20m. Using 5 watts with my iC-7000 and a sloping end-fed antenna from EL29kn. I am looking forward to participating and learning more. 73


just mounted a 6m dipole antenna. length 8m, height 15m.
5 minutes after starting the station I heard the first wspr signal.
Now waitung for the Sporadic-E season, I'm looking forward to hear you on 6m !
DJ0ABR, Kurt, South-East Germany

Only just started on wspr getting excellent hits including the Antartic station Nuemayer III DP1POL Tasmania, east coast of the US. I have picked up a callsign in the North of the UK - UKDT12? Anyone have an idea who or what this is? Can't find details anywhere! 73's