The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Hi Folks:
I've seen this a couple times, and wonder if anyone else has.. At some point, The spectrum still scrolls, but shows nothing for hours, not even a base line, but the decoder is still decoding signals.. I pull the radio out of the mic jack on the computer, plug it back in, and the spectrum starts working.. That's all I have to do. Scratching my head.. de KB2MEN

VK3HZ and VK3XDK offers a very affordable eerie of modules to improve your radio accuracy and stability.
It allows to replace the internal clock reference of most of the market transceivers by a reference locked to a 10 MHz signal from a GPS or Rubidium clock.

If you like high stability for VHF WSPR, this will interests you.

Yan - XV4Y.

Operating from Maui, 40 meters, transmit mode only.
Antenna is ATAS 25 on second floor patio - see attached photo.
Aloha, 73, Jeff, AC7IJ

Hi all,

I was trying to find a way to get less then 5w out of the TS-590S.
But there is no setting to reduce it further, not even in the service menu.
Also I don't want to install a reducer as that is a kind of waste of energy.

But then I saw the DRV button and was wondering what it does.
It turns out that it outputs between 0,05 and 1mW depending on your power setting.
This power is delivered to the DRV output at the back of the transceiver when the DRV button is pushed a few seconds.
The normal power-output is then disabled.

2 Meter WSPR activity now comes to Texas - We will be running our WSPR stations Sundays and Mondays, so join us if you can in the East Texas (and general ArkLaTex) areas on 2 Meter WSPR!

Myself (KD6RF) in Gilmer Texas and Jim WB5WPA in the Allen (Dallas) Texas area, have been making the link on a regular basis - a 150 kM distance, all using low power and modest antennas. Last weekend, Christopher KF5KAX also joined us for some good "spots".

I am now up and running on WSPR permanently (I hope!) with my newly built Ultimate 3S on 30m. All built in an afternoon.

After a few initial hiccups regarding control of the firmware, I am now operational.

I initially mistakenly set the power too low, probably only around 50 or 70mW but was still making the trip into VK5. I have now used my Digital storage oscilloscope and a precision 50R load and set the power using that. I have set it as close as I can to 180mW (8.5V p-p into 50R), and labelled my transmissions as 23dBm (200mW) which is as close as the dBm scale allows.

by now, wspr RX only during 24/7. I have to build G0UPL beacon U3 in order to TX.
I can "listen" to any other QRG apart from 10m, so if anybody needs EA8 on other band
please reply.

Use TS-2000 setting for Rig control, TS-590 has bugs and fails to do CAT.


25 - 100Hz low cut
26 - 3000hz high cut
30/31 - HB2 eq to amplify high tones
61/62 - 57600baud as the software won't go higher for CAT
63 - I use USB to do CAT and audio so set to USB
64/65 - level 1
70 - Vox delay 30 no need to set faster or slower
71 - Vox gain level 5

Please do not try to do PTT via USB, it will not work and hinders TX from functioning because audio-output fails.
When using Vox it does work perfectly.

After much struggle, VE6ZC now has a new gamer computer operational. It drives an IC-756 PRO III into a 7 band trap vertical through an autotuner, likely with much loss. Like all good hams, I believe nothing is so good that a little more tinkering will improve. The next step will be a dedicated WSPR transceiver and antenna optimized for the "dedicated" WSPR frequency set.

I took world map screen shots every 4 minutes on 600, 160, 80 and 40 Meters on 20th March, the day of the eclipse.

I turned the bitmaps into short videos of the full 24 hours and published them on YouTube.

MW :-

160 Meters :-

80 Meters :-

40 Meters :-

Today I left WSPR running on 80 meters during the sun eclips

Up and running.

IC 720A and a trapped vertical.

All works well. Trying out 40M at the moment and running 5W. might try a lower power level.


I am trying RX-only for a while, because I am trying k9an-wsprd on the Raspberry Pi 2. So far I am impressed, seeing up to 11 decodes per cycle and weak -27 db signals regularly. I haven't taken accurate measurements, but I estimate it takes 30 seconds to decode the WAV file.

Very odd spot this evening on 17m,

2015-03-19 19:08 8Q1OMJ 18.106041 -27 2 LM16 200 G0MGM IO91po 3801 310

Which when plotted on the map says northern Iraq... Has ISIS started a propagation study?

2 Meter WSPR activity has been happening daily for years in the California area (and elsewhere!) and I was happy to be a part of that effort when I lived there in the Bay Area. You can read of their exploits, as well as other VHF and UHF WSPR activity here ---->!forum/2-meter-wspr

Hi Guys! We now started on 50.294500 in Kyiv. KO50GK - Now using - U3S(Thanks Hans!!!) - ( U3s+GPS+OCXO) and GP. In next step - 5w+3el to Eastern Europe
ut5ucp, Eugen


We have setup OY6FRA to run on 80m now and during the total solareclipse on the 20th
There will maybe aldo be a wspr running on 160m


Dear Guys,

let your rig running during eclipse at the morning of March, 20th 2015 . Hopefully we can detect effects.

73's de Wilhelm, DL4KAL

Help to set up Kenwood ts 2000s and Signalink USBfor WSPR and other Digitalmodes.