The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Transmission locks on ignoring the TX time interval setting. When I use the tune control the TX stops at the set time interval. Signal is transmitted as I have confirmations from the database. I am using a TS-2000 with a Rigblaster Plus interface. Thanks for any advice.

Finally got the Yeasy 817 running, had to run the audio straight into the mic connector, running 1 watt into a tribander.

Amazing! I tossed together a small magnetic loop that is working beyond my expectations. I took a piece of scrap 3/4" hardline 15 feet long and formed it into a 4 1/2' diameter loop. Stuck it on an old piece of PVC pipe with tie wraps. Made a coupling loop out of # 12 wire and a stub capacitor out of an old piece of RG-8. Propped it up against the fence in the backyard, about 4 feet above ground. I'm using it on 30 meters for the last few hours and getting spots from all over Europe and even Australia.
I must build one properly!

I wonder if my 40m horiz loop as a vertical will be heard on 160m tonight. 4nec2 says it should have -21 dBi maximum gain.

I am on now I have to learn how to use this progrom.
73 George

I´m testing today 10 m band... My signal has been received in Australia !!! is fine.. here only 5 w and windom dipole very close to the roof...
best 73 and enjoy WSPR mode... really is amazing.

I use CAT (ICOM 756 Pro ci-v) for PTT and QSY.

The rigctl sub program fails to run
complaining about a missing libusb0.dll

Ham radio Deluxe 5.?? does not seem to need this
DLL to talk to the radio.

uninstalling 2.10 and reinstalling the old version
gets WSPR back on the air.

SoftRock RXTX Ensemble arrived today. Starting to build it up.
Meanwhile, I built a direct copy of a Alpha Delta DX-CC antenna, which is now installed at 10mtrs AGL.Working well with contacts into UAE and USA on 17mtrs and 15mtrs.

Rawhide is the development branch of Fedora on which new
ideas are tried out before general release. At the moment
Rawhide is working with the Nvidia driver so I can run
Compiz and all that good stuff.

I used SVN to get the current WSPR code. After installing
required packages, WSPR compiled. I had to change permissions
on ttyS0 to allow regular users to use it with WSPR.

kann mir einer sagen wie das bei wpsr im ernstfall mit den qsl karten geht? oder fallen die hier ganz aus?

wenn ich der einzige bin der das nicht weiss, freue ich mich auch ueber eine direkte mail an
will nicht unbedingt eine diskussion ausloesen
danke und 73

Not being very computer language literate...wonder if any MAC versions of WSPR are around for download? Thanks

I'm trying out the Si570 CMOS USB-controlled RF Synthesiser kit from
If all goes well I shall adapt this for use as a WSPR beacon.

WSPR 2.1 r2210 is now available for download at:

This version corrects a bug found by LA3JJ, and it controls the SoftRock in the same way that it controls all other radios, by using the hamlib program "rigctl".

IMPORTANT: on the Setup | Station parameters screen, you must select a new Rig number for SoftRock control. Scroll down past the Kenwood entries and select this one:

2509 SoftRock Si570 AVR-USB

So far so good. Had WSPR stop once unexpectedly but was also running VirtualBox with another Linux distro, MySQL server and a few other applications running at the same time.

As noted here yesterday, the "Tx dB" slider was inadvertently left in a disconnected state in WSPR 2.1 r2206. This omission is corrected in r2207, available at:

I have also updated the "WSPR 2.1: Supplement to User’s Guide". A new version is posted at