The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Some apparently bad entries are showing up in the 600meter database from aa 'station' called DO3BOX at GS JO30ix.
Anyone know what is happening with these entries?

73 - Dick w7wkr wd2xsh/26

I just saw some weird log entrys in the database, which are listed for my call as listener with no frequency and with dates in the future.
I uploaded yesterday some log-data to the database. That log was from some wspr activity while I was not connected to the Internet and I wanted to make the heared stations public. It seems that something gone wrong during the import of the log.
I'm very sorry for that.

I've finished my full sdr transceiver, based on free HASDR.
Special thank's at: F6ECI, PE0SSB, DL2JTE, F8BOJ, and others OM's for their technical support.
Best 73!
Franck F1SSF

Well what can I say,

Set up the program connected the rig as easy as that, have had decodes from as as far away as 6800 km just with 1 watt of power on 30mtrs.

Wow - I like this mode :) I am now wondering what I could use this for is it possible to id a station and then arrange a sked on one of the other weak signal modes like jt6m ?

I think I need to have a play and see what happens.

Propagation was very good last Tuesday morning.
I was able to hit Antarctica with about one milliwatt using my Thunderbird 5 mk 2 at 60 feet.

I put up a delta loop for 30 meters. I am feeding the loop at its apex which is at 25 feet. TX power is set to 10 watts.
A 1/4 transformer for matching.

The loop appears to be doing well as I am being heard by:


I just set up a MEPT with WSPR, PowerSDR, a SoftRock RXTX Ensemble and a 40m delta-loop.
Power must be lower than 500mW but hard to measure for now.
I hope to turn the MEPT on during the following nights but I still have some details to sort out.

Yan - XV4TUJ.
Yannick DEVOS - XV4TUJ (Blog in french) (web page in english)

Finished my SDR Lite II last saturday for 30m. Last night I started VAC + Rocky + WSPR to see
if any good. And yes it works :-)

Slightly off frequency, but have no decent time marker available to adjust the single band setting
in Rocky. But hey it's good enough tot start with.

Antenna is a simple dipole, parallel fed with a Diamond W735. The W735 is now a 4-bander (80/40/30/20), just 2
meter above ground.

73 ON3JT

Sorry! My english is not so good if I want to write someone, then please in german! Thank you!
Sorry! Mein englisch ist leider nicht so gut, wenn mir jemand schreiben möchte, dann bitte in deutsch! Danke!

Tried WSPR for the first time today had so issues with the software but seems to be somewhat ok now. Saw a lot of stations on 20M and 1 on 30M will try to get on more to fully check it out.

While setting up for WSPR ops- the first time in a long time- I noticed a lot of "racket" (noise) just before and after the WSPR program transmits its audio tones.

Some further observation found that; regardless of the WSPR program, my FT-857D (s/n 4J31...) makes a great deal of audio noise in transmit mode. The noise is obvious, when all audio input is turned off or unplugged. With the mic gain turned down to zero, or mic unplugged etc., and the RF power output tried at various levels, the noise is heard in a nearby monitoring receiver. (Even XMITR turned right down to its lowest output setting of 5 Watts still produced the noise)

Iahve activated my 10 meter receive only WSPR station as of this morning.

Will try to keep it up 24/7 as much as possible until I get it I can move it to the "server farm" also known as my garage...

Will also try to get a better antenna setup as I am using my only 10 meter antenna right now in a Moxon beam aimed 180degrees from my QTH FM09ap.

I was just wondering what has been done with the data that we've been collecting? I would be interested in seeing what has been learned. It would be interesting to see if the data could be used to model path loss between various parts of the world maybe tying that in with solar activity. I must admit that at the moment I don't know were to start trying to put that kind of a model together, but if anybody has come up with results like that, please share. Maybe people have and I just missed it.

Dave, G0DJA and I had a go with WSPR on 23cm today.

Dave transmitted today & I listened.

We only tried a few transmit cycles. I received good strong traces with little drift and with rx well time-synched.

On 4m, Brian's signals from Liverpool way often show doppler reflections & distortion, but decodes are reliable.

VE5MU has moved from Regina, SK (DO70QK) to Saskatoon, SK DO62QD, also running a new antenna, a large delta Loop approx 350 feet , apex at 4o feet and fed in from one corner with an SGC tuner at the feed point.