The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Attempted access to WSPRnet timed out. What is the problem???

The graphical display of WSPR shows the short path from stations in Europe to Australia in the morning (at 7 a.m. UTC) for the 30 m band. However, I am convinced that these contacts were transmitted via the long path. The error in the graphical display and the distance error of the data base of WSPR should be corrected.

Best dx 73 Mike DL1MMK

This line in the database makes my heart a little jump :-)

Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az
2010-03-16 15:50 DG9VH 7.040100 -21 0 JN39kf 5 VK7FGMH QE37na 16911 92

All with just 5 watts on 20 mtrs. wire under the house-top!

fantastic, what could be done with such a setup!

WSPRnet opens up the possibility to measure the efficiency of my magnetic loop antenna (I3VHF, Baby, 1m diameter, direction 330 degrees), which stands on a balcony. Radiation in west direction (up to the zenith) is unobstructed in contrast to the east, south and north direction, where the antenna is near (1-2m) iron concrete walls with a hight of 10m. I compared the reception reports of my station (DL1MMK) with DG7RJ (distance 20 km), who uses a homemade Dipole 2*9m at 7.5m heights in SW/NE direction.

Hi all. Phase 8 was completed sucessfully yesterday evening. Hope to find the time to continue with the rest this week. So far no big issues except some human failure ... hihi. I ordered a nice aluminium case for the kit and also a E-MU0202 soundcard.
Have a good start in the new week!

73s from JO61ei, Gregor DM1RG

Let's see what's happening...

I've taken over the living room table, set up the FT-817 and run the feeder out to my portable dipole in the garden.
It is all working! K9OHI, AC2C, IQ4DJ on 30m.

Clever things these computers.

Hello Fans
I coded a little tool to copy WSPRnet Database Spots into DX-Atlas World-Map
with splitting TX and RX Spots of your Call.

You can toggle between TX and RX Spots at the World-Map to interpret something …

73 de Schalli, DC5BN

Now WsPr_Atlas4.exe works also with Microsoft "Internet Explorer 8"
Now WsPr_Atlas5.exe has CheckBox "Always On Top"
Now WsPr_Atlas6.exe released with some fixes"

Good morning!
I completed the phase 5 of my G3020 kit. Hopefully I find so much time to build the next days as I did last week to get on the air with the G3020 soon. I would be interested to get some information fromt he ones of you that use G3020 og G40 which soundcard you use and which SDR software you prefer.
Thanks for your comments.
73 de DM1RG Gregor

Please go to to see my antennas, picture and access to the other pages of my website.

73, Neil

Finding this new (to me) part of the hobby VERY interesting.. Amazing who and what time of the day you can be heard around the globe!!

I think that this will really help ( or inspire) me to understand propogation more.


Hi. Just finished phase 2 sucessfully. All 4 oscillators are working. Now I will have a cup of coffee and then continue with phase 3, the switch board.
Have a nice day all, I am on air at 30m.
DM1RG Gregor

Hi all. My G3020 kit arrived today at JO61ei. Parts inventory is completed and also Phase one. The power supply is running and I got a green LED lighening at the end. So thats almost a good end of the day. Tomorrow I will have a day off so the solder iron will smoke all over the day.
Have a nice evening all.
Cheers, Gregor DM1RG

Thanks to Giorgio, IK1UWL, an Italian translation of the WSPR 2.0 User's Guide is now available. A link has been placed on the WSJT/WSPR web site:

... or you may click on a direct link to the Italian version,

After successfully deploying my first system as V53ARC in October, I will have my second beacon system running in two weeks from now.
Jack, 5X7JD, agreed to host a WSPR beacon system at his location on Masaka, Uganda.
Equipment was shipped today and is expected to arrive on March 5th.

As V53ARC, the 5X system will TX with 1W and cover the bands from 80m to 10m, so the TX interval will be 16min or 12,5%

I will post updates here, once we get the beacon up and running.

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