The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

New season record activity this night with 416 UNIQUE dx spots "across the pond" and 83 rx stations in the round (23NA/80EU)
Best EU Rx: G8DYK(16NA), G4WLC(16NA), F59706(15NA), LX1DQ(14NA), ON4LUC(13NA), G0LUJ(13NA), EA8BFK(12NA), OZ2JBR(9NA), LA3JJ(9NA), DF4PV(9NA)
Best NA Rx: W1FRA(17EU), W1IR(15EU), K9AN(12EU), K4RCG(12EU), WA9WTK(11EU), VE3LC(11EU)

Congrats to John(G8DYK) and Frank(W1FRA)

Last few days i received 4 times OB2Z on 40 meters.
Another dutchman and a german received OB2Z, both one time.

OB2Z looks only active on 40 meters.

This appears strange to me, has anyone any info over this callsign ?

First NA signal received.

2018-01-29 18:46 VK3OT 1.838072 -28 0 QF12ag 20 JA5AEA PM95sh 8126 358
2018-01-29 14:26 NU6O 1.838024 -8 0 CN70vr 20 JA5AEA PM95sh 8001 301
2018-01-29 12:52 VK7DIK 1.838144 -27 0 QE38cu 10 JA5AEA PM95sh 8529 354

Please report via email / QSL / eQSL

LW8EXS 73s DX´s

630 Meter Ham Band
The 630 Meter Ham band is alive and well in North America with new stations
Being reported almost every day.
Many N.A. stations being heard in Alaska, Hawaii, EU, Cayman IS, EA8, YV7MAE and more.
More info @ K5DNL DOT COM
73 Ken

Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az
2018-01-25 17:44 VK7DIK 1.838142 -27 0 QE38cu 10 JA5AEA PM95sh 8529 354

Receiving antenna is LZ1AQ one meter diameter small loop 10m above ground.


Sorry, all spots from PA7MDJ on 2018/01/25 between 2234 and 2252 UTC have the wrong band reported. The band reported is 20m, it should have been 40m.

Season record activity this night with 319 UNIQUE dx spots "across the pond" and 70 rx stations in the round (18NA/52EU).
Best EU Rx: GM4OAS(12NA), DK6UG(9NA), F59706(9NA), LX1DQ(9NA), DL3GAK(8NA), G8DYK(8NA), EA8BFK(7NA), G0LUJ(7NA), PA0O(7NA), SWLJO43(7NA), F4BYK(6NA), G0KTN(6NA)
Best NA Rx: W1IR(22EU), W1FRA(18EU), WD1S(16EU), K1NZ(8EU), KK1W(6EU)
Congrats to Gordon (GM4OAS) and Brian(W1IR)

Have good time on 160m wspr and good luck to all, 73, Patrick, F59706

Just signed on under my new call sign; N6ARY

I've get error with small Fiq (Hz) frequence.
I used ZetaSDR and I/Q mode.
ZetsSDR's L.O. Freq = 10.139.910, Dial Freq = 10.138.700
Fiq (Hz) = Dial freq - L.O. freq = -1210 Hz.
WSPR 2.12 have runtime error with this Fiq (Hz), see images in attach!
I try other Fiq (Hz) numbers:
-7000 Hz Ok
-6000 Hz Ok
-5000 Hz Ok
-4000 Hz Ok
-3000 Hz Bad, error!
-2000 Hz Bad, error!
-1000 Hz Bad, error!
I try other Fiq (Hz) positive numbers:
3000 Ok
2000 Ok
1000 Ok
0 Hz Bad, error!
What can I do?

Am I missing something here ?

I see that WSJT-X includes an option to report to PSK Reporter website, as a back up for when (as does happen), WSPRNET.ORG goes down.

But unless I've had an accident with my mouse, it it NOT enabled by default. (I'm running the Linux version)

Why ?

Otherwise as a back up it's useless ;-)

Have I missed something ?

73 de Andy

A first forays as an MF Listener.