The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Locator square finally corrected.

Also I am currently using a wire loop antenna, and it's weird how
I'm being received in places that should be directly in the null of
the antenna.

73 de Andy

If anybody knows a simple way to get a IC746PRO to put out less than 5W - please let me know. The next step for me would be to build a precision power divider. I would really like to get it down to 1W or less.

Bad day for WSPR here in UK on 20m. RTTY contest hooligans all over 14.0956. It's all quiet again now so I'm back on 20m

I can see nostalgic reasons why some people might want to operate RTTY, but contests for this obsolete mode - WHY???

Dave M0BGR

That happеned during last WSPR activity period (12 August) on 40m band. Once I've noticed the following sequence:

2009-08-12 22:14 UT2UZ 7.040190 -20 0 KO50cr 2 VK8CH PH57 11836 90
2009-08-12 22:14 UT2UZ 7.040147 -8 0 KO50cr 2 VK8CH PH57 11836 90
2009-08-12 22:14 UT2UZ 7.040104 -20 0 KO50cr 2 VK8CH PH57 11836 90

The first idea, came into brains, was that something wrong is with my equipment.

However, more triple sequences were seen that day:

New here so if I am doing anything wrong, please please let me know.

Currently suffering terrible local QRM from PLT, so recieve is very poor.

I'm back on WSPR now from Sydney.

I'm unable to engage in any other radio related activity due to other commitments. I wanted to still be involved so WSPR is it for now.

I've varied the output from my IC-703+ from 0.5 watt to 10 watts. As I am utilising the internal ATU I can only go by the power output reading on the radio. Output from the radio may in fact be less than 1 watt.

Does anyone know how accurate the "Po" (RF power output) reading on the IC703+ is?

Given the nature of my less than ideal non resonant wire I would imagine that radiated power would be minimal. Also, I've only had limited success with receiving signals from overseas (other than NZ/ZL). I've picked up 4 or 5 from the US, and the same number from Europe including the UK.

When I increased my radio output to 10 watts I was received by a couple of stations in the US. Other than that it's only been the east coast of Australia and a couple of spots by NZ/ZL stations. I'm being spotted by some NZ/ZL stations tonight with the radio set to .5 watt max output. This is fun!

I will be primarily operating PSK31 and other digital modes on 30m through the weekend but will WSPR when taking a break from the keyboard or operating voice on other bands. See

Expecting to be beaconing in WSPR mode on 28/50MHz during the next 24 hours when the Perseids meteor shower peaks. Would be interested to receive any reports.

A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.5 shook Shizuoka Prefecture, tuesday morning. There are no damage at Ant site of JQ2WDO and shack room. The quake was centered Suruga Bay, 80km to south-east of Fujinomiya-city, Shizuoka Pref.

As a newcomer to this mode I'm pleased to report that I now have successfully RXed and beacon TXed on 30m using WSPR and my signal is being reported from around Europe (no further yet!). At the moment I am using QRO (5W) into my 28MHz wire halo (via an ATU) which is not an effective 30m antenna, HI.

WSPR would be very useful on 10m as an indicator of marginal openings.

Visity my Home-Page under URL finde Magnetogram for my Latitude:

In the last few weeks I have operated from some places in France using my call and giving the QRA Locator of the spot.
So no I haven't lost my marbles and been giving wrong Locs.
Unfortunately WSPR does not send the full Locator or accept F/G3ZJO so often it appears that I did not move.

Some recent comments have been made regarding false info, I tend to agree that the whole system could be improved, as it is being slowly. At least reports of spots into the future are no longer accepted.

For reference operation was from.

June - Normandy JN091a

This this is my first day on WSPR, RX only (for the moment)
So I've been having a listen around the bands.

I've got a question, how can I check the accuracy of my RX/TX frequency ?

Thinking out loud , next week there is a very big meteor shower (Perseid), with some long bursts, It could be an idea have a 'play' on the high bands. The peak is on the morning of the 12th August, But it will be active a few days before and after.

Best 73

Robert F5VHN (nr Paris)