The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Hello I would be interested to know what the operators on 160 are using?
I am currently loading up my hbrew Doublet,,, but plan to experiment with some other variations...

73 Rodger

I switched radios today to try my Tentec Corsair 2 on WSpr
and noticed it would not receive WSPR unless I received
on SB-R... Strange, I thought. Anybody else noticed
anthing like this? N9BPE

Having seen and read several posts regarding the puzzle of WSPR QSO mode operation, I found it puzzling that I hadn't had a lick of trouble figuring it out--now, I'm no rocket scientist so I figured there must be more to it--perhaps I was missing something.

Now I'm convinced that having used the JT65 mode in WSJT for a while prior to trying WSPR set the stage for the largely undocumented operation of WSPR in ver7.

What's the frequency for the 60 meterband?

73 de CX2ABP

is somebody activ on 136 khz ????
dial freq. ????

73 de IK4GBU - Valerio

Hi Folks!

Recapping on Frequency Accuracy
As you can see from previous entries in my blog I have been delving into why WSPR and ARGO report different audio frequencies with an error of 17Hz at 1500Hz.

If you look at my blogs below you will see I have been puzzled by a discrepancy between what ARGO and Spectran reports as the frequency of an audio tone supplied and what WSPR reports.

I have FINALLY figured out what is happening (I am sure others wiser than me already know this - but I didn't).

I believe the following database entries are bogus as they occurred during a period of severe mains line interference.

2008-12-24 21:36 O75YN 10.140273 -24 1 DM03 +20 0.100 VK2SRO QF56ik 12006 7460
2008-12-24 21:28 O89RRF 10.140174 +9 0 LK77 +47 50.119 VK2SRO QF56ik 11592 7203
2008-12-24 20:54 AF0DD 10.140256 -23 0 PL88 +23 0.200 VK2SRO QF56ik 7051 4381
2008-12-24 20:54 AC8KCS 10.140284 -17 0 JR94 +47 50.119 VK2SRO QF56ik 14141 8787

I have some extra equipment I wasnt using so I decided to make use of it on WSPR. I noticed there isnt anyone else on full
time from Florida and I seem to be hearing as much as or more than anyone else on 30 meters most of the time. Also there seems
to be a lot of people hearing me. I am not sure if this is because of my location or because of the equipment I am using but
I dont think I am running anything special here. I am running a Kenwood TS-440SAT backed down to 5 watts. It has a 1.8khz

I will be switching from the home-grown "User Info" data (from tab at top right) to the built-in account profile information fields. If you haven't already, please go to "My Account" -> "Edit" -> "WSPRnet Info" and fill out the fields there. Those fields will replace the separate "User Info" data for matching/highlighting in the chat area, for instance, probably in early January.

If there is other information you think we should collect, we can add fields. Let me know your opinions.

I got schooled in JT65 today.

Decoded several JT65a transmissions, one from ZL3PAH, whom I was excited to complete a qso with and put out a weak 6 or so watt response. Little did I know at the time that the club rig at KL7AA is incapable of upper side band with JT65.

The next day after my initial JT65 emissions I got on the chat/sked page for JT65 Terrestrial at webpage. With help from Armando, LU8WAG, Barry, VE3CDX/W7, as well as test emissions with NI0B in Nebraska and several others the diagnosis revealed itself.

Hi guys...!

After digital modes as BPSK,RTTY and SSTV, I'm very interested by WSPR but I'm not able to install it software.
Maybe I use an old computer.After installation I click the icon WSPR it open but let appears windows saying "error" and "must closed".The programm would'nt runn and stay..! Hi..!
Is anybody else able to help me please...?
My computer is an old IBM and my system is Windows XP SP2.Many times I have tried to install it...but always the same result...Please help me guys...! Thanks so much..!

I have struck a puzzling thing here with regard to frequency calibration with WSPR.

I had got into the habit from my old VK2ZTO QRPpp days of calibrating frequency via WWV.

The process I would follow would be to:-

Having observed WSPR for a number of days (which of course qualifies me as an expert... ;-), I have noticed a puzzling thing. The decoding success does not correlate well with observed signal strength as observed on the trace (at least at this location).

That is, sometimes a very faint trace will decode well and often. But sometimes a strong signal decodes only occasionally (at this QTH ZL2FT is an example - but also other single-skip stations exhibit this as well).

Just when I thought it was a characteristic of strong local (<5000km), the same thing happened for further stations.