The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

New record activity with 310 UNIQUE dx spots "across the pond" (previous 286 dxspots Dec10).
70 stations in the DX round (49EU/21NA)
20 NA stations heard in EU, 12 EU stations heard in NA.

Best EU Rx stations: GM4OAS(20NA), PA0LSB/RX1(14NA), PA3FYM(12NA), G8DYK(9NA), ON4LUC(9NA), SWLKQ40LS(9NA)
Best NA Rx Stations: K3LR(12EU), N2NT(9EU), W1IR(6EU), VE3CIQ(4EU), W8AC(4EU)
Score list is attached.

I am in the process of creating a web site showing my WSPR and QRSS MEPT. In the meantime I have uploaded my WSPR Sketch to GitHub.


here is a link

I hope this sharing proves of interest. I will advise when the web site has been created.


Been running the sotabeam WSPRlite for nearly a week now and very impressed with its 200mw only have one antenna up at the moment in a temp location as a move is pending, a 20m end fed by gwhip but seems to be working ok...
HNY 2017 to you all..

The Irish Radio Transmitters Society have just announced that Irish radio amateurs can use the WRC-15 band of 5.3515 MHz to 5.3665 MHz with immediate effect. No application is necessary and the power limit is 15 watts. This is very good news for anyone with an interest in the 60 metre band.

Hopefully we will see the first Irish stations with WSPR on 60M

Icom ic706
Power ca 5 W
Antenne DX88

Today (26/12/2016) I have made y first SSB contact on 20m. So far I have used PSK31 for all my contacts, but now I have set up my new mike I will occasionally use voice.

Hy Guys,
the weather is bad and we becoming an storm too.
So i decide to cancel the start today.
The new Launch will be next saturday 31.12.16 at 10:00 UTC.
Sorry for any inconvience !
73 de DL6OW

The night of Christmas was magic for my RX NA/EU Challenge on 160m. A new NA station heard, N2NT, allows me to reach the score of 61. That was my final score on 08/06/2016 of the 2015/2016 season. This means that the 2016-2017 season is already excellent for me and for many of you. Some ones asked me I edite a complete score list for the period Jul1st to Dec25: 173EU/73NA (file attached).
Best NA RX station: KK1D(48EU), W1IR(42EU), W8AC(41 EU), K4RCG(34), N2NOM(34EU), K3RWR(31EU)

I have been running WSPR for some time and now have moved to 7.039851 Mhz with 5 Hz shift QRSS mode over Xmas and New Year

Will be posting a new web site in New Year to show my Arduino/si5351 design with code.

Happy festive season to all



I am now RXing the DK stations on WSPR.

The problem is that some of them are using 5.364.600 Hz USB dial, and some others 5.364.700 ???

To catch all the stations,over not a 200 but 300 Hz transmitting window, I need to change at times my RX QRG. HI.

Please, can you decide what is the only and good USB dial frequency on the 60 m band...

On the way, it will be also nice that all the others IARU-1 countries QSY also on this new dial frequency, in accordance with the IUT recommendation.

I reported in the Forum that we have been seeing a very large and interesting difference between two very nearly identical paths on 2m WSPR. After about a week of 2m we have shifted to 70cm to compare. Perhaps tellingly, we also consistently see a rather large difference though this time only 10 dB but it's in the opposite direction. WW6D who with the same ERP and almost identical path had been 24 dB weaker is 10 dB stronger on 70cm.

G0MOH is at last firing some RF into the ether! Albeit 180mW from my Ultimate 3 beacon. My mag loop is in the attic, hanging on a nail off a roof rafter. Being heard all over Europe right away :-) Still got to get other antennas up. A wire of some sort for HF - generally QRP and CW - and a pair of 2m 8ele Yagis on Az/El for EME.

73 & Happy Christmas & New Year - Rob G0MOH (ex VK2GOM)

Since now Germany can work on 60m.

We got the range from 5351,5 - 5366,5 with 15W Eirp.
So now We need a Wspr Tx Frequency ;)
I think the best way is to harmonize this Frequency, because We only got the Official CEPT 1 Range from the ITU Conference 2015.

Any Ideas ?

Hi all, and welcome to the festive season, its that time of the year.

Just a reminder, if your very keen on using WSPR and like to liaise with others who have a similar interest to you, there are a number of band specific group pages available on Facebook for you to do just that.
Feel free to join in and let us know whats happening in your corner of the world, or ask some questions, get to know some new people, learn a thing or two and most of all have fun WSPRing and improving your station.

For those that may be interested, I have been playing with very low power levels lately, as low as -17 dBm or 20 uWatts. Since WSPRnet can only be set to a low power level of 0 dBm, I am using "/" to designate lower levels. IE "/10" for -10 dBm or "/17" for -17 dBm.
So far I've been able to get spotted occasionally at -17 at distances of about 700 - 1000 miles on 20 M. Amazing mode!
John / K5XL