The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

I spent a pleasant morning yesterday using WSPR to compare a Chameleon P-Loop with an Alexloop.

Details here:

73 Richard G3CWI


So Exercise Blue Ham is and RAF Air Cadet / Amateur Radio exercise on 5 MHz, setup really as a contest and designed to foster an interest in radio communications for the cadets.

This weekend, cadet stations will be operating through the shared 5 MHz spectrum and within the amateur segments.

All cadet stations will be using MRE*** callsigns and will be looking to make as many contacts as possible. Full details are here:

I started RX only station on Low band.
So far I got signal from US/VK but no EU on 80m.

JG1eiQ / Toru

I will let the 5 watts traverse the world for day or so to see results.

I recently posted on the Knights QRSS forum ( a look at how the 28MHz WSPR data compared to the observed results amongst the QRSS mode users on the same band. The results tied in with the WSPR data. Also just for fun I looked at the WSPR data for the other end of the spectrum, 160m to see how things reacted. The chart clearly shows the seasonal changes.

The page is here -

Sorry gang,

By mistake I reported 14 mhz spots as 7 mhz spots today March 18th between 16:20 to 22:46

Rolf K9DZT

Hello all, I am currently testing the wspr mode in 6 meters .
Configuration is: 10w full wave loop antenna Horizontal polarization at 24m from the ground (260m asl)
I hope that the first European openings are soon.
The night I stay qrv wspr 160m
73 to all
ON4LUC op: Luc

The station OQ8SNW is a special event station to celebrate the 800th birthday of Sint-Niklaas a town in Belgium. For more info and history check Wikipedia (

Hi all!

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After tinkering most of the day with the Bike wheel loop,I finally replaced the coaxial loop feed I was using with just a piece of wire loop. I am now able to get a 1:1 swr down from a 3:1. Since I'm only running .2 watts and the loop is only about 50% efficient it is quite an issue. The feed loop is a little less than 1/5 the loop diameter too. Several loop articles I have read, recommend that. I have ordered a dc motor control for the motor that is attached to the variable capacitor. Right now I'm tuning it with a pair of channel Locks, pretty hit and miss.

Today I got a Mag loop made from a Bicycle wheel rim put together. My Ultimate 3s is on 17meters, but so far no joy. The loop tuning is very tricky. Methinks I need to get my Antenna Analyzer out of the garage. I'm Being a wimp since there is about a foot an a half of Snow on the ground and more coming every minute.

My wife and I spent the month of February in Florida. Old people do that. We made it back home on march 11, and I fired up the QRP-Labs unit this morning. While I was away, I contemplated some antenna designs going forward. I am particularly interested in mag loops, so before the weather gets better, I will be working on a couple design ideas. I'd like to have a RX system too, but there is a high noise level here, and probably it wouldn't be effective, but a mag loop may work, to reduce the noise. We shall see.

Well I have tried 13.8V & two BS170s fort he PA section and I got to almost the south coast of UK from my QTH (JO02op)

Made a 'scop-match as I knew that the antenna was poorly matched - and found it was - very.

Fixed that & changed the impeadance matching transformer - now working at about 58R and almost no reactance (Wx dependant)

So reading Hans' modifications page decided to put together HB9ASB - surprised I had most of it in the 'junk' box.

With out the LPF the waveform was ghastly!

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