The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Today, at my sunrise i spotted our friend George: 2014-08-09 03:44 K9PAW 1.838193 -30 0 EN61ar 1 F59706 JN07th 6723
This first NA station opens my new season and my Rx Challenge. The goal is to spot (Rx) the greatest number of UNIQUE CALLSIGN of North American station (W and VE). The previous season I had reached the number of 39 unique callsign. I'm using the same antenna system (2x Wellbrook ALA100 loop) and wires configuration for the new period.


NH7J, Gus MacFeeley, in between tropical storms in Hawaii, just placed KH6UL WSPR Beacon back on the air.

The original beacon was updated with new DDS-60 Module, 160 - 6 Meter LPF / Control board, higher gain PA and Gas Tube protection.

Six meter transmit, 17 dBm, at 4, 24, and 44 minutes past the hour.

The beacon is on the West 22 Element Vertical Log periodic antenna.

Javier, KC2QII

Switched from 40m to 80m at 09:00 GMT

now testing new 95m long delta-loop on 40m and 80m

Am I really the only person in the UK on WSPR 144MHz? :-(

And one of three in Europe :-(((

Sitting on 160m tonight.

Enough WSPR activity to suggest the band is open to France and Denmark (from the UK).
Switch to JT65. Dead. Clearly lots more people sitting on WSPR, and no-one in QSO-able modes.


Mark, M0DEV

The old TS 120S is drifting in response to temperature changes in the room. There is a mod to improve frequency stability, which involves changing to capacitors in the VFO. I must get onto this!

Audio feed from PC to mic of TS120S needs to be modified as the input impedance appears to be a mismatch requiring lots of audio drive. As a result of the above I am receiving and reporting only until I get these mods done.

I used modified mfj Big Ear portable dipole deployed in my back yard. Running FT897 at 2 watts out thru tuner rg 8 coax to the antenna which was rigged with counter poise to get 80 meter operation. Probably not very efficient but hurd quite a few and was heard by only 2 or three but not bad for such a compromise lash up. Will continue to maximize the portable antenna which I hope to deploy for ARES NVIS digital operation. 73 de w8box sk

Thailand was re-regulation for Amateur service. Many fequency as R-3 was allowed. In 2meter band will be revise a band plan.
WSPR is a issued in band plan. Now many stations operating in WSPR. We hope hearing WSPR's signal near HS land.


Have lots of local QRM today, sounds like electric motor sparking type noise. I can see and hear lots of 20 metre signals but mostly they cannot be decoded, even the very strong signals. Not coming from my QTH but someone local I guess.

My father picked up two of the Ultimate3 qrss kits and sent one to me. I have assembled it, and I *think I have it working for WSPR. I was able to decode the TX with a different radio so I can guess it's working as it should. It's installed in a nice little black case, but it's still ruining on a lab power supply. The little power supply I had originally picked out form the junk box was noisy in the shack so it went to the trash.

Nice surprise on reading the log of 160m WSPR last night; i heard PY9MP exactly at my sunrise (04:29z)

2014-07-30 02:22 PY9MP 1.838095 -25 0 GH13dw 10 SM6WZI JO67mp 10417 30
2014-07-30 02:34 PY9MP 1.838097 -25 0 GH13dw 10 G8JNJ/A IO90hx 9238 32
2014-07-30 04:14 PY9MP 1.838097 -22 0 GH13dw 10 F59706 JN07th 9184 36
2014-07-30 04:22 PY9MP 1.838097 -22 0 GH13dw 10 F59706 JN07th 9184 36
2014-07-30 04:32 PY9MP 1.838097 -23 0 GH13dw 10 F59706 JN07th 9184 36

Tonight I -am on 30 meters for some low power operation with WSPR - 125 mW.

Station: Full-wave Delta Loop cut for 30 meters. Feed point is 1/4 wave down from the apex. Feed line is approx 25 feet of window line. The current choke consists of 3 each, toroidal cores #61 mix with six turns of RG-8X. The rig is a Flex-Radio 5000A. I am using the 5000A internal antenna matching system to obtain a match.

I am running 125 mW of transmitter output power. Power levels have been verified by a commercial spectrum analyzer.

Longest distance obtain so far:

I have.

Playing this evening with mixing white noise with the output of an IQ WSPR instance and viewing it on HDSDR. I adjusted the mix so that the decode was showing me at "-29 dB" and decoding reliably. The trace was just barely visible on the WSPR waterfall. Out of curiosity I brought up HDSDR and tuned the signal and the attached is what it looks like. An unexpectedly prominent spike poking up out of the noise. Using the MDS methodology and measuring in a 500 Hz bandwidth I found this signal to be +6 dB S+N/N as measured on an RMS voltmeter at the audio out terminals.

Cut it, put it up to tune it, thought it was too hot to do anything physical, so stuck WSPR on.

JH1GYE bidirectional. TYVM!

(That's on 20m, but on what is more or less untuned randomness I was pleased)